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Jun 23, 2024
Hi all
I'm new to the forum and am in trouble with pain.
Whilst I've suffered for ages with tight painful muscles all over, for the past couple of months, the pain is really bad in my testicles ... more an intense stinging.
It seems to start at my knees, up into my groin muscles and through my testicles into my hip.
There is no sign if inflammation and obviously being such a sensitive area, I can't find any gels or creams that don't cause a reddening of the skin.
I'm trying so many different types of supplements and am confused as hell with it all. !!
But relief to my testicles (which sometimes helps by laying down) is something I'm desperate for. I can just about manage with the other pains, but this area is a killer.
Thanks all
Hello ---have you talked to your doctor about this? If so, what have they said? If not -- please see your doctor asap about this.
Sadly no. I have no doctor I trust.
I was under the care of the local mental health Trust, until I got thrown out, due to there usual chaos.
I went there in crisis last March and after 6 gruelling months saw a Psychiatrist who diagnosed me with CPTSD and GAD along with Grief Reaction due to the death of both parents having dementia.
He was arranging for me to see a Psychologist to find the best form of treatment, but ignored my onset of fibromyalgia, which is known to follow on from untreated CPTSD, which has just got worse and worse ever since.
Sadly, I never got to see a Psychologist, as I suddenly discharged and they wouldn't speak to me or my counsellor as to why.
As for a GP ... pah ... met her once and never again. Kept telling me about her other 4000 patients and offered no help of any kind.
As I have such an issue with the NHS, I steer well clear of them .. they actually made me worse, so I'm my own doctor.
Warm wishes
Don't blame you a bit for how you are feeling about all of that. Many people have had experiences that would allow them to relate well to what you are saying about doctors and health care systems in all different countries!
But , while I completely respect your right to make those decisions and to know what is best for you, my fear is that not seeing a medical doctor when you have a medical condition that is causing you that much pain in such a sensitive area might be a dangerous decision to make, and wonder if there's any chance you could try to see a different doctor.

Whatever you do, we wish you the best of luck, and welcome you to stick around here to see if anyone else has had anything similar and has any ideas for you.
my fear is that not seeing a medical doctor when you have a medical condition that is causing you that much pain in such a sensitive area might be a dangerous decision to make
fully agree many things can cause such pain including cancer - go to to a doctor and get it checked as soon as possible.
Many thanks to all for your suggestions.

I'm pretty sure it's fibro/stress related. I'm under enormous pressure right now and have checked all the cancers and don't have the main symptoms.
Pain is much worse when I ruminate and sit around.
I'm still living in my former parents home, crammed in to one small room. I can't go into the lounge or their bedroom because of my CPTSD.
Although I own half of this place, my dear sister is now out of the blue taking me to court to force me out. I've not seen her since the double burial of both parents last August. (Grief on your own is tough)
Wen the first letter from her brutal solicitor arrived, that's when the fibro pain intensified enormously.
She's ok .. married, with family, retired, both now on pensions, own their own house. Me sadly following a nasty divorce in 2013 lost my house and am unable to afford to buy anywhere in the south east.
I can only rent and am desperate to get out of this place, but with the pain and fatigue and having to do everything on my own an really struggling.
Still sorting g through my parents stuff alone, after the sister having cherry picked the best stuff hasn't been near this place on top of trying to sort my own stuff out that's all in boxes.
So, I think my poor body is pretty broken.
On a good day however, with the right trouser/underwear combination, I'm almost pain free whilst keeping busy, or away from this place.
Sadly, I have nowhere to run to and no friends other than my counsellor.
Oh well man up .. fight on I guess.
Actually, I've decided that I don't want more stress from the forum.

Talk of cancer and the likes will only make me worse .. was hoping for suggestions of help not scaremongering.
Me Gone Bye Bye.
Hi Daveyt
Have you tried a physio they diagnosed spinal stenosis when i was suffering from acute pain in my groin.
the tops of my legs go numb and i have severe pain in my lower back and buttocks . does you pain ease when you are bent forward
or when you are lying in the bath. Instead of a doctor try a physiotherapist they might be able to tell you what the problem is. phone
111 and they should be able to help you
Actually, I've decided that I don't want more stress from the forum.

Talk of cancer and the likes will only make me worse .. was hoping for suggestions of help not scaremongering.
Me Gone Bye Bye.
Hi Davey.crikey mate you’ve had it rough.the stress of losing both parents a sister who is nothing but trouble(I know the feeling from my not so good relationship from my sister)people want to help you but that’s not what you want to hear.your best bet would be to see a pharmacist in private and explain.bypass the pharmacist rings me every month and checks all my meds one by one,she’s brill.i had the same trouble at my local docs they are total rubbish don’t care fob me off and I had to see a nurse so I switched doctors,best move I made cos they’ve been brilliant.i’d suggest switching docs and seeing a pharmacist in private.sometimes they’re better than the step at a time mate but your health comes first not family so do what suits you and let me know how it’s goin.believe me mate I’ve been through hell with fybro and family and it’s a deadly mix.take care
I'm a guy Dave.
I have been experiencing pain in my left testicle for several months. I paid a visit to my urologist earlier this week, and he diagnosed me with epididymitis, which is an inflammation of the epididyma, a structure located on top of each testicle. The inflammation causes pain and is usually caused by a bacterial infection. Not always but usually. In younger men, it is most commonly caused by a sexually transmitted bacterial infection, and in older men such as myself it is more often caused by some other bacteria such as e coli. As I said, there can be other causes as well such as trauma, for example.

My urologist prescribed 10 days of an antibiotic and a 7-Day steroid pack. I just picked up the prescriptions today and am hoping that they will cure me.

The fact that lying down or elevating the testicle could point to epididymitis since elevation often causes relief. I have since begun wearing a athletic supporter to help lift the testicles. It works, and gives me relief until I can be cured.

Of course, this is just my experience that I thought I would share with you. There could of course be other causes for your testicular pain. I highly recommend seeing a urologist ASAP. What you are dealing with could be dangerous or even life-threatening. Please don't take chances with your health.

I look forward to hearing and update from you in the near future and in the meantime be well.
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