anyone have livedo reticularis and/or foot pain associated with their fibro?

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Aug 23, 2021
Hi all, for a while I have noticed that I have (from looking at pictures) livedo reticularis.......a painless medium pinkish web like formation on the back of my arms and sometimes top of my knee. sometimes it goes away if I warm the area. Of course as we who have Fibro don't worry enough about our pain levels, it always seems like something else pops up. I was diagnosed with Fibro like 6 years ago, and only recently has this livedo reticularis showed up and now this new foot pain. Of course I Googled the foot pain I am feeling, and it kinda seems like Metatarsalgia. I have recent xrays of my feet and it showed nothing. The foot pain is a little on the bottom, but mostly on the top of my foot. I'm a wreck I tell ya!! LOL. Anyone out there experience either of these two?

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Sep 5, 2020
Sorry, nope, not that I can remember... In case you're looking for ideas: As I always do, I'd treat each symptom on its own.

For livedo reticularis I'd try things (exercises, supps) that are generally good and healthy to improve circulation.
Once I have enough small symptoms for a certain doc type, I'd ask GP, skin & heart/angio doc, if only to prove me right or wrong.
But as an review from Israel, 2015 "Livedo Reticularis: An Enigma" shows, there's loads of possible causes, treatment is difficult.

Metatarsalgia like fibromyalgia is just an outlandish umbrella name for "some kind of pain in your upper foot", LOL.
Loads of youtube exercises, massages, stretches, treatments for it, lots of fun things to try out and feel good helping yourself.
If not I'd ask various physios, not a doc (I'd've spared my feet the x-ray if that'd been the only reason, unless a physio asked me to do it).

The first can not have anything much to do with fibro, the second like most local pains can be treated independently of it.
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