Are you a crafty bugger?

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Feb 3, 2013
Do you craft?
I find it helps me relax and use up some of my creative juices.
I crochet, knit if I really have to but I found that too slow.
I card make, jewelry make, fiddle with leather when I can get off cuts cheap.
Doodles. ..I love to doodle, mostly flowers and leafy bits.
I use to do pergamano parchment craft but the tools are very expensive and my arthritis made it too crampy.
I would love to paint but my creative talents just don't stretch that far.
I also dabble with a sewing machine now and again. That's a recent hobby that I'm a bit flakey at. Still haven't really crated any master prices with that one yet.

So what do you do?
Gosh, get me started on my hobbies. I do sewing making lap robes for children and seniors. I like plastic canvas making boxes and decorations for Christmas. I do woodburning pictures. I collect USA stamps. I do a little crochet, nothing fancy. Love writing articles and poems. Cooking and baking. Just doing creative crafts like jewelry. I like painting and drawing,
This winter I have not had much time for crafts other than creating two felt mats of an airport and construction site for two boys for Christmas. I also made them matching lap robes and pillows with pillowcase in the Cars pattern for both boys for Christmas.
The best form of stress relief, is creation. I am a crafty bugger too. Though I do not have as many crafts I try to those I do enjoy to my utmost best.

I love too cook and bake, the big trend in my kitchen this week are meringues. I love digging around in my garden, just planted all our winter veggies. Writing stories are another of my past times though I am not very good at it yet, someday I will publish a best seller.

The craft I love the most though is pewter work. Every image/article I create are another battle won.
I would love to have a go with the plastic canvas. I even went so fat as to buy a cheap sheets from the dollar store but never did get round to it. I've got so many part finished projects lying around it's ridiculous and as soon as spring hits most won't be touched coz ill be too busy digging and planting in the garden.
I love baking.... other people's lol
im rubbish in the kitchen but hubby makes some wonderful creations of bread and cookies which is evil of him as I'm dieting.
I think plastic canvas is a lot of fun. The hardest part is cuting out the patterns. I have made boxes and put cute designs on the top of the boxes, like flowers and birds. Sometimes I invent designs just to be different.

But I think gardening is the most best fun there is. I like having a small vegetable garden as well as lots of flowers. I have three beds dug up for this spring. One big long one behind my house and one in front of my house and a smaller down next to my shed in my backyard. I am planning on putting in a rubarb bed and onions, green peppers and tomatoes, potatoes and green beans, parsnips and carrots, and lettuce. I will have to fence in some of it to keep the rabbits from eating it all.
This will only be the second spring in our house so things are still not quite where they need to be.
We got quite a nice veg plot though and I would really like to re-landscape the front making an extra car parking space. I know in my head what I want but implementing it and convincing hubby is another matter. Lol
I LOVE crafting. It keeps me sane. Some days I'm in too much discomfort to be creative..those days I just read a lot, but when I do feel up to it I knit, sew, decoupage, glue things, glue those things to other things, get lectured about gluing things to other things that weren't things I was supposed to glue things to :p

I've gotten back into collaging recently with gel mediums which is messy and fun. I wish I could garden but I rent an apartment..I may try a container garden this summer though.
I play with Sculpy and end up making a lot of things that sit on my shelf in the style of Nick Parks (Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run).

I also make jewelry, but nothing too complicated. Usually it's more "fixing" super gaudy things I find at Walmart or Target that have a couple of redeeming qualities, or stringing together a few beads to add some panache to a necklace.

I find it very therapeutic :)
I love to do crafts! I've done both needlepoint and cross stitch in the past but have found that my passion is for plastic canvas. I love to draw things out then fill them in with yarn and come up with new creations.
With my new granddaughter on the way does anyone have any fun ideas for artwork or crafts for her nursery? I do not know how to knit or crochet. But I love to do simple crafts. I am on a tight budget right now. But I know some crafts can be done very inexpensevlly. I am just trying to think of some fun creative ideas that she can look back on years from now. Thank-you for any input everyone.
Hi, I love needlework. I cross stitch, and do patchwork quilting. I make gifts for friends and family e.g needle cases, rag rings. Anything creative with a needle or sewing machine, and I will have a go. However, I can only do something for a short period of time before I have to sleep. Slightest exertion brings on the fatigue.
Libragirl, If you think you would like plastic canvas it is easy to do and cheap.

Also if you can sew a straight line you could make a easy quilt like I make for the nursery. All you do is measure the size you want. Then take material, wash it in cold water first before cutting to prevent shrinking. Then cut out the size you need from two matching fabric's. I usually put mattress padding in between the layers to make it warmer and more comfortable to use. Lay one piece of your cut fabric on top of a old or new clean mattress pad and pin it well. Cut around the edges. Then unpin it.
Take the three pieces. Lay the mattress pad down first. Place the two pieces of fabric with right sides together down on top of the mattress pad piece and pin them together. On one edge of the pinned quilt leave a place unpinned about 8-10 inches wide. Put pins on either side of the opening to remind yourself where to stop sewing. Then starting on one sde of that opening sew around the fabric about 3/4 inch in from the edge. Go around the quilt taking care to keep the seam line as straight as possible. When you get close to the edge where you left the opening, make sure your seam line matches up with the seam where you started sewing, then sew in as far as your pin marking the place to stop.

Next check the edges to be sure you made it the whole way without the fabric slipping. Then remove the pins. At each corner cut across the point above the stitching to make turning the corners easier. Then reach into the open area you left and pull the quilt right side out. You should have fabric on both sides with padding in the middle. In the corners you may need to use the handle of a wooden spoon to carefully poke the corners out. Close the opening by folding in the fabric along seam line and pinning it, and hand sewing it closed.

Then take the edges of the quilt and bundle them up in your hand, a bit at a time, this helps the seam lay flatter. The last step is tacking the quilt, as that all parts hold together better. I usually use embroidery thread and a large eyed needle. Thread needle with a length of embroidery thread, and poke it down through the fabric and hold on to the end, check otherside and poke the needle back up close to where it came out, and back up close to where you first poked it in. Tie a knot with the ends of thread. Do the corners first. Then do up one side laying your hand out using your thumb and first finger stretching them out for distance. Make both sides even with knots matching. Then do a row down the middle matching the knots evenly on both sides. Be care not to over due on knots. When done trim off the threads about an inch long. Your done.

Any questions just ask me if this is not clear. I am not a great seamstress like my mom, but this makes a nice smaller quilt or lap robe for any elderly person or child.
Go to your local dollar store. Most have a craft isle with some great kits. Jewelery making, cards, little wooden projects.
I like getting the cheap wooden boxes and decorating them, great for kids to do too. The last one I got really involved and made it look like it was made from granite.
If you like plastic canvass I've seen sheets of that in dollar stores too.

I just love dollar stores
Thank-you everyone for the great ideas. I am going to write all this down, since I have a bad memory. But I do have a few dollar stores in my area that I will be going too and trying to find these items. I do think I can handle doing basic stiching and sewing. I will certainly give it a try. I will let everyone know how my projects turn out. I am hoping to be able to do a few things for her. I am actually excited about this. I feel this is going to be fun.

I can't wait for my little grandbaby to get a little older so we can do crafts together. I love my boys so much, but now with a grandaughter it is like a whole new chapter.
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