Back Pain Management


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Oct 17, 2020
Hi all,

I do sympathise with your situation. I have had chronic lower back pain (left-side) for 17yrs. Most probably due to a change in gait (walk) from Sacroiliitis. I had multiple hip surgeries to try to correct gait etc.

The diagnosis is not what I want to talk about. Often the solution is pain management more than trying to fix the underlying issue, which can be very hard to accurately diagnose or just from aging. I'm 33yo presently.

What has helped me manage the pain is two things mostly.
1. Having my firm mattress on a hard base or the floor (if your base is no good).
2. Yoga Sun Salutes
2. And most important an exercise I do in the morning which activates my glutes and switches off my hyper stressed lower back.

It's very important that you warm your back up right in the morning before doing anything really. That means even before sitting on the toilet, which if your back is like mine, can lead it to spasm first thing in the morning.

The good news. If you warm up properly, the same back that hyper-spasms early in the morning can complete physical labour (at least in my case) during the day. If warmed up properly!

Okay so there are two Ytube clips that show you a wall bridge below. This is the exercise that changed my life.

The trick to the exercise is to learn how to push through your butt. There's no use doing it and using your back. You need to activate your buttocks, this can be tricky and you might need some PT to help you do it. But once you activate the glute and you do the exercise enough to get a light burn in your glute muscle, this should relax your lower back.

Once your back is no longer spasming, you need to start a strengthening program, there’s no other way. Only taking pain meds is not a good solution.

Best wishes and good luck!



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Sep 5, 2020
Strange appearance: Why "$"? - Spam, scam or not? But I can find no harm anywhere in or under the videos.
I've tried the glute bridge exercise(s): OK for problems in the lower back, might integrate it, but by far not as spectacular as suggested.

(Praps the first is looking for clicks, it has only 5, but it's 16 secs, amateur and been on youtube for 2+ years.)

A hard mattress helps me too, but since fibro I've needed a soft topper to get bone & joint pains down, and everyone's different.
I've just looked thru a Yoga Sun Salutes video: Similar to my back yoga exercises, only harder, probably too hard for me & most of us....
But I'll have another go at these.
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