Bad day/bad week(s)

@Sueb24 maybe what is generally a feel good factor to your body is a kind of an over stimulating experience when in a flare Sue?

Like many, there are parts of my body that I can't bear to be touched at times. Even by clothing, or water splashes. The rheumatologist put central sensitization syndrome down as part of my diagnosis.
Fibro, you never know what it's going to be like day by day or hour by hour 🙄
Yes but my hips were killing me and a chiropractor visit generally sorts that out. Overstimulation is probably correct but hopefully it will settle in a few days. I’m useless at gauging how much I can do each day as it feels ‘fine at the time’. I know from the ME experience I should only do 80 % of what I think I can do. I just never learn!!
Then again you never know what does what do you? Maybe watching ‘Coldplay’ at Glastonbury was the overstimulation?! (And yes, I already have my cowboy hat ready for Shania….)
@Sueb24 you can get everyone of us  still falls into that same trap. Do an activity, feel ok, do more, and fail to stop before it's too late - and the After affects don't always show for hours and hours. I put some of that down to frustration for me. I so want to be ' normal ' forgetting that however I am at any moment is actually what normal is now. If that makes sense?

Yep I'm up for Shania too...with a gentle dance to move our sad bodies, and belting out all the wrong words - that's me sorted.
Do we get photographic evidence of you in your Stetson?! 😂
Don't be sorry. Vent vent vent away! Sometimes we need that, and there's a good reason why the forum has a section for that.

If it is any comfort at all, You Are Not alone in your frustration, your pain and your fatigue. Been dealing with a lot of the same stuff myself lately.

I too offer you hugs and love and support.
@Sueb24 am disappointed in you! But full credit for finding a cowboy\girl emoji. I'll be stealing that one!

@JamieMarc yeah I am seriously considering changing my name to Vent. Much needed safe place to do so when we know others can offer advice and identify with it all

sorry you are having a tough time of it heath wise too. Feels like your own body is ganging up on you at times. Hope the weekend will give you a chance to take time to do what your body needs. I have felt so rough I neglected things as wasn't up to exercise as the fatigue hit so then the stiffness took the opportunity to sneak in further. The git.

Beginning to perk up, the recent humidity seems to have affected a lot of us, and almost feel like I am coming out of hibernation. So if you feel like that at times imagine yourself as a little doormouse taking a full on body and mind rest until we feel strong enough to wake up again! 🐹 closest I could get emoji wise to a doormouse. I'm still giddy with excitement at Sues Stetson emoji....

Take care and obviously love 😘 and hugs 🤗 and woofs 🐾 back at you
Without shame @Sueb24 I'll get my kicks from any teeny tiny way!

How you doing now? Any improvements from the additional hip pain and chronic fatigue? managing a better balance of exertion then rest before you push yourself over that invisible point of " aghh. I knew I should have done so much too soon " Again.
I'm trying to gently build back up after a week or so if resting my body, but that stiffness needs to be released a bit if I can. Bus wary of falling into that ott trap 🙄
I’ll let you know after I see my new consultant later this week @SBee. I have been socialising *gasp* ( - yes really! ) a little this weekend which wiped me out so I had to lie down and watch Emma R in the tennis yesterday. That made my back muscles even tighter! I didn’t think that was possible to be honest but life is full of wonders blah blah 🙄
Ooh @Sueb24 a new consultant. That can help in a big way I think, if you can speak to him/her with a kind if clean slate.
I tend to flounder a bit on appt, so need some basic points written down to keep me on track and ensure I cover the main worries and questions first.
Good luck!

Socialising?! Yes, can wipe us out, but even a short chat with someone can help mentally. If I know I have a " big " David tasks I try to reserve the next day as a quieter one as much as possible. Still bloody frustrating though...🙄
Quick update…
The new consultant was excellent & extremely thorough. She not only examined me but put me through a number of tests. Because of all the burning & tingling I get in my feet, thighs, hands etc I am now going to have some nerve conduction tests & an MRI.
@Sueb24 good, I'm glad to hear it, that's more like it, we hope for someone thorough. Hopefully they can be of some help in the near future.
Sound like a very productive appt @Sueb24 ,

so encouraging to have a medical professional to not only engage with you, but then ton then provide relevant further testing. Makes a world of difference.
There may be a bit of a wait for the further tests but at least they are on their way. Sounds like a great productive appt.! 😁
Are you feeling better now @SBee? (Had a challenging few days too! , picking up now,)
Ps, hope EVERYONE in the thread is having an time with it

🤗 😙💜 😙💝
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