Bad Day

Oh @Auriel I have those phone calls when there's no given time frame. Earlier this year I had the Dr call me to discuss a very delicate health matter - as I was standing on a busy garage forecourt... But I'm at the stage where to be honest sorting my health is more important than any signs of bashfulness! 🙄

I would love to cases some meds but right now that's not feasible, so I look at things as a more temporary, emergency state of drugs, if you like, that one day when things are more stable I can reduce or eliminate some meds entirely.

Have a sunny day 🌞😻 Auriel
I was uncomfortable/awkward more than anything? (I was trying to find a spot where I could speak 'privately" but the area was so swarmed that day with people wanting to be there it was impossible! (I had to talk about certain delicate health issues too?,) didn't even know the lady I was speaking to! (I doubt I'll even see any of the people who may have heard the conversation and I'm getting kind of used to certain check ups and conversations, (even thou I I do hate them hence me saying it is what it is?) We actually ARE having a sunny day today (I think you've done some kind of magic!) Have a nice week