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Aug 15, 2013
Hi All
Like many of you, I have FM/CFS and was diagnosed over 10 years ago. Similar symptoms that appear to be getting worse, most recently, hand pain making everything difficult. After leaving many jobs when I got too sick to work and then finding less demanding jobs and starting over, I continue the cycle of financing my own disability and using my savings until I am well enough to work again. At this point, I can't continue this way and risk losing everything I have earned for a lifetime of working. I have gotten too sick to work yet again and face leaving another job. I am looking into filing a claim with SS and wanted to see if anyone has some good advise on pursuing this route. I seem to be at the point in my to live illness that working full time is just too much but part time wages will not be enough without other financial assistance. Based on my research, its a shame that a benefit that we all paid into our entire adult working lives, in case we reached a point of disability in our life will be a battle to obtain. I am lost on what else to do at this point, I am told it could take 2 years for a hearing and no way to know if benefits are awarded.

hope all of you find recovery. I did get better with this condition but only when I did not have the burden of full time employment to drain my energy, I believe you cant gain control and properly manage this condition while holding full time work until you have reached the point of managing your illness, otherwise, its one step forward and two steps back.
I wish you all the best. I don't have much information other than it is common to be denied and then win on appeal. That being said, my sister applied a year ago and got accepted the first time around so there is hope. Also, it's not much money once you do get accepted and you have to wait a bit to be able to get Medicaid (or Medicare...I get those two mixed up sometimes).

I work fulltime but filed an intermittent leave of absence which allows me to take weeks off at a time if I have to. It also covers all of my doctor visits and therapies. I would much rather work part time as well but won't be able to afford to do that for a while.
For me: It's been about 2 years since i first filed. Once i got the first denial i got a lawyer that only does SSDI. Got denied again. Had a hearing with a judge, got denied again. Now, since December, i am waiting on the final appeals court to decide if i deserve another hearing. I'm guessing not. So, financially, i have spent my savings, drained my ira, even scrapped jewerly. I don't know what i am going to do. I feel like such a looser.
Hopefully you have well documented facts with many doctors and a good lawyer. good luck.
I am fighting for Disability, as well and I have been messing with these people for damn near two years! I am at the point now of just wanting an answer, any answer! If I am denied, I will retain a lawyer, for sure, because I believe I deserve this.
It's not big money, by any means but it could save us!
The road to getting SSD is sometimes long and other times quick. The best advice I can give you is to keep copies of your records from all your doctors and every test you have done. The paperwork is long and boring and you will find yourself filling it out many times always with the same questions. Keep a copy of whatever you fill out so you can remember what you wrote down. If you choose to have a lawyer help you, check with the SS office to make sure your lawyer is approved by them. Reason being they control how much the lawyer can charge and get out of your back pay. If you choose a lawyer not approved he could soak you for much more of your back wages earnings.

Fill out the paperwork and do not lie. They will set you up for different doctor appointments including a mental health professional. Just go and do the best you can. Lastly you will go before a judge, and he will make the final decision on your case. If you get denied keep appealing. It took me seven years total, but only the last 4 of them count. Be patient and be willing to hang in there until you win.

Most of all don't expect big money, some of us on SSD don't get enough to live on and must borrow from relatives to survive. But if your unable to work you don't have much choose and must do the best for your self. :)
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