Better sense of reward meaning better day with fibro?

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Tipnatee N

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May 8, 2017
New york
There's a strong believe that most result of a bad day with fibro is that we lost the sense of reward to do horrific pains sensation that we are feeling now and what we know deep down of what it would feels like after as the days goes by.

There're so many talk about what we should do to accomplishing the sense of relief from our daily pains, but the results aways so different and there's no one miracle techniques or drugs can truly solve the puzzle of fibro problem in our daily life. So why are we even listen to all these suggestion? One day one way may solve it but next day , next week , or the next month it doesn't. Could it be that of what they call it the placebo effects? So maybe placebo effect is just exactly what we need!!. Something that what we believe in. Something that can boost our sense receptor of rewarding?

Many of us at the first time learning about our fibro dianosed , the first thing we do are usually pushing our self to do something like madly gardening, cleaning, exercising or working harder at something and trying our hardest to avoiding the fact that we were dianosed with fibro reguardless of how much it might hurting us later cause it might actually not going to be that bad while trying our best to reap that sense of reward that we lost do to fibro existence.

But our body pains usually get us back in the way later isn't it? If not now the maybe later. Sometime when it doesn't we're so over joy we thought "that's it I finally beating it!" and then all the unsolvable nagging pains just come rushing back at the moment that we lost that sense of purpose. How crazy should we go just to break that cycle completely?

Short cut through the sense of reward most of the times are drugs. And then more drugs cause our body stop listening to us long time ago. But how do we convince our body to stop tormenting us? Is it really the power of mind? Is that why most doctor don't believe in Fibro? :confused:

So if our sense or reward is the problem can't we just padding our self in the back and say good job for the day before our day even starting? How would that make any sense? :?

I'm on process of control my crazy dreams at the moment to see if that would boost my rewarding sense and by pass the pains when I wake up to hell in the morning. If I've been skipping and singing in my dream maybe I'll wake up to a better body. :mrgreen:

What do you think? Would it work? How crazy can I be believing that's real? Or maybe I should just lose my mind completely and live in the world of unicorns. Maybe that might gets my body back to where it used to. :lol:
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