blotchy red/white palms - what's going on?

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Mar 8, 2017
HI all,

The other night I suddenly noticed that the palms of my hands looked all red and blotchy, with red and white patches, and even some slight yellow. They're more red around the outside of my palm and my fingers. I don't know if this is a new thing or if I just hadn't noticed it before. It's not a rash, not itchy, though my fingers are kind of tingly and cold (though sometimes are tingly and hot). Goes away if my hands are above my heart, pretty noticeable when lower. Most noticeable under direct light. Not sure if it's another weirdo fibro symptom, a drug side-effect, or something else.

From the limited info on the internets, it sounds a little like reynaud's syndrome: I do have cold hands a lot of the time, but not so bad that my fingers/toes turn blue. Maybe it's a circulation issue? It also looks a lot like livedo reticularis, where your blood vessels dilate close to the surface and look all blotchy/lacy. Says it's often a symtom of Lupus or other connective tissue diseases.

Has anyone else had this issue? Could it be a fibro symptom as well? Did anyone notice it popping up all of a sudden? Anything you can do about it? Is it something more serious that I should talk to my doctor about?

Anyway, just want to make sure I'm not going crazy, or that something more serious isn't showing up. It's not bothersome, just weird.

Thanks for any info/advice
Hi Pegleg,

I have experienced that reddish white blotchy areas on my hands and fingers.Your'e not alone, but I do believe it's part of Fibro.I have also noticed it on my thighs too. It doesn't happen all the time.

Ive also woken up with fingers reddened and swollen.There's not much to do to make it go away, unless your hands are cold and u should try to wrap them and warm them.Both my feet and hands get very cold compared to other parts of my body.

It all part of Fibro and our bodies having trouble with temperature control and circulation.

Me too ive had this and also on my thighs when im walking if soft trousers are rubbing very lightly... sometimes if i use my hands for chores it seems to make it worse and then brings on burning pains pins and needles and numbness.
Thanks. Good to know it's probably just another weirdo fibro thing.
As I said, it's not bothersome, just something I hadn't noticed before. Unless it suddenly gets worse/spreads, I won't worry about it.
That's how my my tingling numbing problem in body parts usually looks like , I thought it was a norm ( for tingling numbing problem) so I didn't think it was unusual at all till I read your post:shock:. Between anemia and bad circulation the light pink with color of white or just white , light yellow with slightly green and light lavender grey mix is kinda very common to me , bright red or red and white together on another hand is mean itchy like bug bites white dot in the middle and lots of red around or my chilblain problem starting mixing white dots and red dots.
When any signs of any discoloration starting I usually just quickly slapping it or fast tapping them with my hands if just happening on hands then just clapping them together it would return some color or sensation back or help me get over it faster. I can also use vibrations massagers tools to fix it. I really love those microbeads foot vibration massaging pillow I've bought it online for cheap , it's very gentle and comforting to lay it on top of my thigh or underneath my knees and other of my numbing area I love to kneading my toes or fingers in it and so as my cat ( we do fight over it quite a lot ) and let the soft vibration micro beads do the work. I felt asleep on it all the time I usually ran out of battery so I have to keep them plug in instead.;)
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