Bowen Technique

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Mar 1, 2020
I have successfully used Bowen for chronic pain? Any success for those with fibromyalgia?
Hi Anne

I'm interested in anything that might help! I've read up about myofascia in the past.

Could you explain what actually happened during a session and how many you had to have?

I first thought it was the technique named after the sheep-shearer with first names Walter Godfrey from New Zealand ;-), now I've read the wiki-article, it's someone with first names Thomas Ambrose from Australia, and belongs in the area of osteopathy and seems to be a pretty gentle form. My experience here is that I had to change my (otherwise very good) osteopath, because I spose the chemistry has to work. Mine now was excellent in the long run for my pains, and relaxes very much, even my sight is clearer afterwards, altho he's only just finished his qualification, but it doesn't help much against the fibro-ache. It helped for him to know that his pressuring needs to be very gentle. He uses a whole load of different techniques, like "Jones", where you find trigger points, but then move the parts to lessen the trigger pain to about a quarter.
Wikipedia, as always critical about alternative medicine, is less friendly about Bowen than about osteopathy in general... citing more evidence of effectiveness in the latter than in the former, but Bowen does seem to be very vague, seeing as Bowen himself didn't write anything down...
I have a good friend that practices Bowen technique and when she was learning it she used me as one of her practice subjects. This was like 12 or so years ago when we both lived in Michigan and now I live in Texas and she is in Japan. It was very gentle and relaxing. At the time I did have chronic headaches but I am not sure Bowen was any more effective than Reiki or other relaxation promoting techniques. My friend was just a beginner though and we all might have different experiences. I wouldn't hurt to give it a try. I do think it is kind of like myofascial release but with less touching, and myofascial release is often helpful to me short term.
I would love to know more about the specifics of Bowen technique from your experience. I have a wonderful massage therapist that I visit at least monthly. She is does not a follow a cookie-cutter type of massage but is truly well trained in therapeutic massage. I combine this with regular visits to the chiropractor. Always interested in learning about more alternative therapies as I do not like side effects of medications.

Blessings to all,
I've watched a video about this and it looks like it's a big help to pain caused by muscle tensions.
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