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Feb 9, 2013
I think it's called the breadcrumb... when I'm in a post, and I'm scrolled all the way at the bottom, is there a way to see the Forum location at the bottom, so I can just click it to get back to the forum instead of having to scroll aaaalll the way to the top? :)

The Forum list that's like:
Fibromyalgia Forum and Support Group > Website Feedback and New Members > Suggestions, Problems or Bugs (but would be links).

Or, maybe a 'Top' link at the end so that I can click that to go back up quickly (I thought there was one before but now I'm not seeing it?

Thanks! I know, I'm just lazy, not wanting to scroll. :roll:
I was gonna post the exact same thing!
That's a pretty good suggestion, but I'm not sure if we can do it.

Scrolling isn't that hard if not :) As a friend of mine would say, "first world problems", lol :_)
And depending on what you're using there's keyboard shortcuts that may work. The "HOME" key should take you to the top of the page. The "END" key may take you to the bottom. If you're using a Macbook (which has no home or end keys) the "fn" key on the bottom left and the left-arrow key jump to the top of a page while the space bar will take you to the top.
That's all very well if you are on a PC but I use a tablet and the scrolling is a real pain on a really long thread. Just a link at the bottom of the page that says either "top" or "homepage" should be a fairly easy addition and a big help.
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