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Hi everyone
I posted the following thread in the general forum. someone suggested that I search this (PALS) forum for the answer to my question. Here is the original:
I've read that a doctor in Germany used Calcium EAP to treat ALS with some
success in the 1960's (Calcium EAP is actually a salt of 2-aminoethanol phosphate)
which acts as a gatekeeper of cell health,affecting absorption of minerals by certain cell receptors and also prevents the absorption of toxic metals by cells through such ports. Some claim that he had favorable results using intravenous & oral calcium EAP mainly for MS,but also had success in cancer,diabetes,ALS,chronic fatigue & for other diseases as well. Apparently vitamin C needs are much increased.
Anyone confirm any positive results using Calcium EAP or Magnesium EAP?
Any actual experience/results would be much appreciated.
Thx Paul
Sorry Paul:
From Quackwatch by Dr. Barrett

Calcium EAP

Calcium ethylamino-phosphate (calcium EAP) has been promoted as a therapy or cure for MS and many other diseases. These claims are based on anecdotal reports rather than controlled clinical trials. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society has concluded that there is no objective evidence calcium EAP is effective against MS and "because the treatment protocol includes many different agents and may include a powerful drug that suppresses the immune system, the proposed therapy is not without serious risk." [4] The major proponent, a German physician named Hans Nieper, died in 1998, but the substance is still marketed here and abroad

Not knocking any regimen that may work for certain individuals, but just be wary.
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