Campaing against Bullying

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Janet L

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Jan 17, 2013
I've gravitated to the recent backlash against bullying in school. I guess it's dear to my heart because at some point or another, I was bullied, and probably a lot of us can relate.

I came across the following video put together by an obviously incredibly talented modern artist. I thought it was incredibly intriguing and told an important story in a creative way:

Beautiful video, thanks for sharing. I've said for years... "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can break my heart."

I was picked on when I was in grade school, too. One day, my friend decided not to talk to me anymore... in Jr High. So I was suddenly without any friends. It was a hard time, but I was able to pick up and go on. And today, I have an amazing life, even though I'm in pain. I get to do what I love most, and I'm so grateful for it.
Thank you for sharing this video. It makes me sad too, for I was picked on in school and I know the how bad it hurts when friends stop talking to you and when someone unzipped my dress as I was walking down the hall. Being called names like dumb and ugly. And tripped when walking in classrooms. I had my best friend taken away when it was found her dad and mother were drunk and not caring for the kids. Then I had no one to walk home with and talk with, and so I grew up as a loner not trusting anyone to really care about me. As time has gone on I got married and had a happy life for a while. But now on my own again I do alright, but those feeling do stay with a person for a very long time. Sometimes forever.
Bullying leads to a lot of hurt. Perhaps even people that could have gone on to do great things, but because they've lost belief in themselves they don't. I like the fact that we're starting to try to do something about it.
I was picked on alot in school to. I was the american indian "dark" girl in a predominently white group of kids. Some emotional scars never go away. And to this day I can remember alot of those nasty remarks and rude behaviors from some of the kids. Amazingly I ran into one my former classmates years later. He acted as if we were best friends. At first I thought he had me confused with someone else. But no, he remembered me. He just convienently forgot how cruel he was. Or maybe these kids don't even realize how awful they are being. They go home and forget about it. I would go home and get sick to my stomach because I couldn't forget it. I think that it should be a required class for the kids to have to face and hear what its like to be tortured on a day to day basis. They really should do something like that.
I find it odd that bullying is still so prevalent these days with so much media attention on it. When i was in school, it really wasn't talked about AT ALL. It seems like kids would be pressured to not be a bully these days. Theres a reason I'm making sure my kid is learning boxing, guitar, and a few sports. Being involved in a popular activity is important. I remember playing outside a lot as a kid. Kids need to go outside and move. I don't see kids outside anymore. Im old and go outside and juggle a soccer ball or shoot bball when ever I can.
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