Can I have fibro with no fatigue?

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Sep 23, 2022
I am a 22 year old male, have constant stiffness, pain, muscle rigidity and motor problems that affect only my muscles. The symptoms affect pretty much all my body muscles in a symmetrical way on both sides. Now the weird thing is I have zero other symptoms that come with fibro. Zero fatigue and no other problems.
I have done all the possible tests and everything came back normal. What do you think could it be fibro if pain and stiffness are the only symptoms with no other symptoms like fatigue?

Many thanks
hello lennythek, and welcome to the forum.
Fibromyalgia is a syndrome that manifests differently in each person who has it, so it is possible that you have fibro. If you have been extensively tested for all of the other things that could be causing all that pain (and there are a lot of other things, so be sure they have all been covered, including Lyme disease and other things that are often overlooked), and they all came up negative then the probability is that you have fibro.

If you stick around here you will see that people report many different symptoms and combinations.
For some ideas on how you can work to mitigate the effect of fibro on your life, I recommend you start with the post linked below.
We are here to support and encourage you. You are not alone.
My advice for managing fibromyalgia (especially for newcomers)
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