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Apr 30, 2013
I have noticed that, over the 20 years I have been dealing with chronic pain, I have become less likely to tolerate other pain.

The dentist has to knock me out to work on my teeth, if the procedure will take more than a couple of minutes because sitting in the chair is painful. I get really tense when doctors want to do things that might cause even the smallest discomfort.

I have enough pain already, and will not allow anyone to do anything that is uncomfortable when I know they have ways to prevent the discomfort. It sounds bratty, but I think I am entitled to good pain control at all times.

Have you found yourself unwilling to go through more pain, no matter how minor it might be?
Yes :(

And right now I'm in physical therapy, which means a lot of someone poking, prodding, and pulling on me to test my muscles. I'm not even sure how the heck he's going to get any good data when I can be strong one moment then get a flash of sudden muscle weakness even though the muscle is TECHNICALLY strong and powerful. Not to mention having me turn or bend this way and that and asking if it hurts. Well... am I breathing? Then yes, it hurts. And it hurts more to move in any given direction, so that's not particularly diagnostic :(
There is “twice as much opportunity for knee injury” but ignoring pain can lead to more health problems that carry hefty prices to treat, lost dollars because of work absenteeism and even lost productivity because of pain-interrupted sleep.

Still, the survey shows 58% of Americans over 40 have ignored knee pain because they didn’t think it was a big deal.
Do I know you? :) I have done just that. I really need knee replacement but I always think the pain may be worse than the pain I am constantly in. It's like going in circles not knowing where IM going!
I do seem like I can better handle pain not related to my FMS. In fact, my pain tolerance in general seems to have improved. I guess this can happen when you are used to frequent or constant pain of some level.
Meds?! What helps? On cymbalta, and gabapentin and omg I'm in pain! Chronic pain! Nothing seems to help except when I go in for a toradol shot. Here lately I just not can't handle it. I went to working out 6 days a week hard core to hardly be able to get out of bed. I just want to cry in a corner and not get up. I've seen 5 doctors and I feel like they don't believe me and want attention or pain meds. I will do anything or try anything to help with pain. So scary and frustrating. I'm wonder if this flair up will ever go away.please help! I've tried tens, massage, chiropractor, heat and other meds and they don't seem to help.
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