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Feb 14, 2013
Hello to all. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome then Fibro almost 21 years ago. This is the first time joining any kind of support group or forum. I look forward to learning from you and I hope that I will be able to add something to the group. Best wishes to you all.
Re: A New Experience

Hi Southernlady, welcome to the forum. I have to ask, have your symptoms gotten worse or the same over the years? Does it become more "normal" over time for you?
Hello Southernlady, it is good that you found this forum. Lots of things to do here on the forum with answering questions or putting up a few of your own. Sharing coping skills and opinions on living with fibro and just plain making new friends who understand the pain and the other health problems that comes from fibro and cfs. I look forward to reading your posts and trying to answer all questions you may have. I think you will enjoy it here. And if you have any suggestions for new topic's tell them down in the lower section of the forum list and maybe it will get added to the board. In the meantime just know we understand what you are going through and we care. :)
Re: A New Experience

It certainly has become a way of life that I have learned to cope with fairly well over the years. It's almost akin to not realizing that you can't see until you put on a pair of glasses. Most days I get up in the morning tired and hurting. I push myself through my day doing the things that are necessary. By the end of the day, I not only hurt but it feels like my muscles are on fire. I have had some relatively good spells through the years and some really bad ones. One flare cost me my job because I could not get out of bed. Things are better now because I have learned to take time in between my tasks to rest. I am not on any medication. We lost our insurance last March. I have found a cream "Two Old Goats" that has been beneficial in relieving the burning sensation long enough for me to go to sleep, but sleep still eludes me many nights.
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