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Feb 4, 2013
I found a few hints on how to deal with chilly feelings that make you feel cold all the time. Thought I would share the list with you in hopes that some of the suggestions can help you feel warmer in body and spirit.

Eat Well- undereating causes metabolic rate to drop and leads to cold intolerance.

Exercise walking briskly or even stomping your feet gets blood pumping, plus physical activity converts flab to muscle.

Eat iron-rish foods such as beef, poultry, lentils, dried beans and dried apricots. Studies show anemic women generate less body heat and people lose body heat on a low-iron diet.

Drink plenty of water because dehydration causes a drop in blood volume, thus your body has a harder time regulating its temperature making you susceptible to cold.

Relax as stress constricts surface blood vessels, pulling blood toward vital organs to ready the body for fast action, as in the fight or flight response.

Know the side effects of drugs you take, as antidepressants and tranquilizers inhibit the brains temperature regulating system and beta-blockers impair cold tolerance by constricting blood flow.

Get a thyroid test as always feeling chilly could be a sign of hypothyroidism.

Keep warm after drinking alcohol, as it was found in a hospital setting that many hypothermia patients had been drinking alcohol. alcohol dilates blood vessels near the skin surfaces, causing blood to flow away from vital organs and making drinkers feel warmer, thus drinkers often shed their coats when heading outdoors, even in cold weather.

Don't rely on a hot meal for warmth, as though it appears to warm you and fewels good it does nothing for body temperature.

Wear thermal underware.

Cover your head with a hat or scarf, as 55 percent of body heat can be lost with a bare head.

Dress in layers.

Cover your legs.

Tuck your pants into your boot tops.

Wear a parka with a hood on really cold days.

Wear a thick fuzzy Gore-Tex or Thinsulate, or wool coat for greater proection.

Wear gloves or mittens.

Insulate your feet with good boots.

Sleep on flannel sheets.

Wear knee socks or warm fuzzy socks to bed to keep toes warm.

Use an electric blanket.

Never wear thick down or fur when exercising strenuously in cold weather, as you will sweat and if you stop moving the trapped moisture will quickly chill you.

Cover your face if it is cold enough to make your skin feel numb.

Throw a blanket or afghan over your legs while reading or watching tv.
Sometimes if I know I have to be out in the cold for awhile I use those disposable hand and feet warmers. They are less than a dollar and they last 8-12 hours.
I was at Aldis and bought these fleece sheets and a nice fuzzy polar fleece electric blanket and wow what a difference it makes in bed. It's so soft and comfy and warm.
Electric blanket is the best thing EVER. I keep it on high and it's like an all over heating pad. I just leave mine on and on the couch all day, so whenever I need to warm up, it's already pre-heated and I can wrap up and warm up. Aaaaahhhhhh....faster than a hot bath! My cat loves it too!
Sometimes if I know I have to be out in the cold for awhile I use those disposable hand and feet warmers. They are less than a dollar and they last 8-12 hours.

OMG, brilliant. I want to stick those all over me. LOL! My shoulders get cold....I need little pockets in my shirts for warmers.
I found ways to help my body feel warm when it feels cold. i keep on my hat and scarf for about 15 minutes after I've been out in the cold weather. This helps my body temperature warm back up fast. This also helps me from getting sick as often. The man in my life will put his arm around me, and also hold a blanket close to me for a long time bundled up close to my chest for a period of time, and this over time helps warm me up. Then, I can feel comfortable taking my hats, scarfs, and blankets, off and then I'll be able to keep it off, because the body temperature now can function having normal body temperatures. Now, the body can handle chores, and fun activities due to the fact, the body is warm, and put back into place.
I suffer from cold and and feet, no matter what I wear or how many blankets are on me, but I'll follow all your tips, 1sweed :) You mentioned so many things I hadn't even thought about! I liked the fact you mentioned that checking our thyroid is important, because chills are an important symptom of hypothyroidism.

Thanks a lot for mentioning that, because there are many people here who might know about this! I once searched what could cause this symptom and that disease showed up. I got checked, fortunately my thyroid is fine, but the chills are still there. Sometimes my feet feel numb too. I wonder if that's also because of the chills?
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