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Apr 6, 2014
Hi everyone, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas! I know it takes a toll on us. It is hard not to get depressed because you can't do the things you did before. I get the blues because I loved to bake cookies and decorate for Christmas. Try to do your best and don't push yourselves. if things don't get done so what. After all it is about being with those you love and they will understand if you can't make a big turkey dinner like you used to. Don't let this illness ruin your Christmas it already takes enough from us. Enjoy your friends and loved ones and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Lots of Hugs to you all xxxxx
Great advise thank you Lana and wishing you a great Christmas and Happy New Year!
Boy! You know it!
No lights no Christmas tree. We look like( baa humbug!)
My grandkids r here......I'm in bed.......what else. Man I. Need a pity party!) I've never been so down.
Merry Christmas to everyone too! Christmas decorations haven't gone up in my house this year but I'm trying to get in the Christmas spirit! I don't know about you guys but I'm a little bit worried about Christmas this year, My condition has got worse in the past year, and I do worry it's all going to be a bit too much this year so I've made sure I've got lots of painkillers and I'll get through it somehow! I'm also focusing on the fact that it's great to spend time with family and I've asked for a few different items to try to make life a little bit easier with fibro eg a wheat heat bag and a slow cooker! I've also done all my Christmas shopping online to avoid the shops! I really hope everyone gets a chance to at least speak to someone they love on Christmas Day. Here's to a peaceful new year! X
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a much Happier New Year! Try not to push yourself to much and maybe order out for dinner and watch some really funny Christmas movies. Try to focus on family and the glow and cheer of the little ones. Let others carry the load and try to relax as much as possible.

I had a friend come by and set up my Christmas tree. She also baked cookies and a couple of pies for us. Another friend cooked a small turkey breast and brought over a bit of sliced ham. I only need worry about cooking the potatoes and heating up gravy, and fixing a vegetable. I offered payment to my friends for the supplies needed and now we will have enough food for the entire holidays and my legs and feet, and shoulders are not screaming in pain from standing in the kitchen cooking.

Another friend helped dust and run the sweeper as a gift to mom and me, so we are taking it easy and smiling instead of frowning. Hope you get some beautiful gifts and stay safe though the days ahead. :) :)
Merry Christmas to all. Fortunately we have Christmas at my sister's house. She, however, is not having a good year and is a bit depressed herself. I have done things a little at a time and my husband bless his heart will finish up any shopping tomorrow. I still work so I will work half a day. I am having a lot of pain and fatigue lately. Bronchitis knocked me for a loop and now I am dealing with severe costro chondritis. It is very painfull ! I am ready for the holiday to be over. It seems like I am either giving into FMS or it seems worse with different pains. We will get through it. God Bless everyone and keep your heads high (when they are not on the pillow)
Don't be down on yourself o.k.? Every one of us is different, the comen denominator is Pain! I don't have any of what I'm use to for pain, so I'm detoxing as we speak, I don't know how to handle all the extra pain. How can most Dr's say yes this is a positive diagnoses of fibro, and chronic pain, what would chronic pain be to the FDA? I ST I'LL HAVE HOPE SOMETHING POSATIVE will happen. PLEASE GOD!
One thing I do is all my veg the night before .it really hurts my hands and right now there sooo painful.but I've done the potatoes greens carrots . I'm cooking for 7. So as I don't want to rush up and spend half the day in the kitchen. I do the veg early and leave it in water.
Also cooked the ham. So only the meat to go in tomorrow.
Have a lovely pain free Christmas everyone xx
I hope you all have a Merry Christmas.... I just want to say how thankful I am to have found all of you and this forum. It is helping me so much to know that there are others out there going through the same thing, and it is wonderful that we can support eachother. Hugs to everyone, and hope that there are good days to come for the holidays.
Merry Christmas, everyone! Yes, today was a difficult day. I think as mainly women we have high expectations for ourselves and not only do WE feel letdown with pain, we don't want to let others down as well, especially those we love. I agree, gentle with yourself. Your loved ones LOVE you and we can still love right back! I relate to everyone's emotional pain at this busy time of year. I'm thinking about going back on abilify 5-10 mg. I was actually pretty pain free for a few years when my psychiatrist I saw for my chronic pain and work comp injury put me on an interesting cocktail of Wellbutrin, Lexapro, and Abilify. It bothered me to admit that antidepressants of all things helped, and I gained about 20 pounds pretty I tapered off the abilify when I read it can cause weight gain and the wellbutrin made me yawn all the time. Lately I've been taking only lexapro and 800 mg of Gabapentin and my pain has returned with a vengeance! Oh, I added nortripyline 25mg at night and while that has helped my mood a little, most days, my pain and ibs-c has been worse. Anyone else here have a bad reaction to nortripyline or feel that you have a reverse reaction to meds?
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