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Jul 15, 2023
Good Day,
Joined the group this week and need to vent on pain and other health problems I've been going through recently. Bare with me as I always have a difficult time saying what I'm feeling and always say the wrong things.

I was diagnosed with fibro over 16 years ago and suffer from chronic pain syndrome. Have requested from my family doctor to send me to a pain management doctor was refused, now my family gp is retiring 06/2024 after this date good family doctors are far and in between. In 03/2022 had an MRI done showing lesions on the brain and spinal problems. I was the one who had to push my doctor to send me for the MRI and to find out why I am getting all the symptoms I'm getting. For the last 5 years I've kept a list of all the dates and when the symptoms started.
Finally had my doctor send a referral for a neurologist and its now 18+ months later and still waiting. With the help from my sister, was able to get into the MS Clinic in Vancouver, BC, .the neurologist doctor there doesn't think I have MS until I brought up the results completed from my ophthalmologist. Now I'm waiting to to see a neuro- ophthalmologist to confirm and what the next steps are going to me. I have all this waiting! I had to stop working 18 months ago and unable to return until I get a diagnoses of some kind, as I have trouble spelling the basic words (type up notes after each call - work in a call center). With my eye problems I suffer from severe ocular migraines, thinning of the retina, very sensitive to light, unable to drive at night, among all the other fibro symptoms - tingling and numbness, calves are always cold, fatigue, off balance, multiple eye problems and of course can't forget the ongoing chronic pain affecting every part of my body, no energy and can't walk far distances etc. Thank you letting me vent and I seem to alone going through this, my siblings are busy with their own lives/family and we no longer have our parents for support.
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