Clean House?

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Jul 21, 2014
Hi Everyone,

Besides fibromyalgia I have lupus, sjogrens, and diabetes. Like many of you, I have no energy. I know my life is a different one, but oh if I could just get my house decluttered and clean. My husband is on oxygen 24/7 so he can't do much.

Please anyone that will pray for me to have a way to have my house clean enough to have visitors.

I feel like I am getting progressively worse.

I welcome all comments.

Thank you
I totally feel for you. A clean, decluttered home helps with feeling a little better.

I used to be an obsessive cleaner, quite a hygiene freak...but I had to let those obsessions mostly go. It was really really hard. But I let it happen very slowly.

This is how I handle de-cluttering. This is how I go about organizing around the house: First it helps to prepare yourself to throw a lot and I mean a lot. The less you have, the less effort it takes to clean things up in the long run. And start slow. Put the contents of a shelf/drawer in a bag, drag it over to where you can sit comfortably, with a nice cup of tea and some fun music or TV show. Have 3 other plastic bags in front of you. One for things you will throw away, one for things with a sentimental value and one with things you need to go over again. Take it slow, make it an event out of it.
Do this as often as you can. Once a week, twice a week etc.

Also what I always tend to do is make the best out of things that I already do - such as walking to the bedroom? take everything you see along the way that is out of place, and put them on their correct spot as much as you can (washing, garbage, recycling etc).

And try to live in as few rooms as possible. I only use small part of my living room and one bedroom. The other rooms/storage areas are kept locked. I simply do not use them, so there is also less space to clean.

And ask for help whenever you can. I know it is tough, but for the outcome, it is really worth it.

All the best!
Could you get help or pay for someone to come in and do a thorough clean...then afterwards try and do little and as often as you can.

I rinse and dry down my shower and tiles after i get out.....i let it start to dry then after i have rested after my shower i go back with an old clean towel and dry and buff the glass and tiles. This saves the area needing a big clean too often.

I sometimes just clean the toilet one day and the bathroom sink another...and use a flexible mop that you attach clean anti bacterial wipes on the end that then get thrown away to wash the bathroom bending or much effort needed.

Also you can buy cordless electric sweepers that are light and take little effort to push round for a few minutes over carpets or hard floors.

Also when i am waiting for the kettle to boil to fill my hot water bottles or make a drink i wash up any dishes or cups i have left by the sink....or wipe down the counter top and if i have enough energy clean the hob or wipe over a couple of kitchen cabinets at the same time....just do what you can when you can.

If you tidied bit by bit like Vickythecat suggests then got in a private cleaner to get the house up to scratch im sure you could keep it nice enough to invite people over..people are coming to see you, it doesn't have to be prefect even though i know we all like to give a good impression im sure a little dust or mess will not stop people enjoying your home and company.

Hope you can find a way.
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Good advice from VickyTheCat. The less that you have in your space the easier it is to keep your space uncluttered. If your space is cluttered, it is literally impossible for it to be clean.

If you have the resources to hire a professional organizer, I highly recommend doing so. These people are trained to be non-judgmental, efficient, and helpful and she will be able to help you to organize and to let go of what you don't need.

If you cannot afford that, you have to be your own professional organizer. Get rid of everything that you can. Here are a few tips:
Just because so-and-so gave you something doesn't mean you have to keep it, especially if you don't like it or never use it.
Ask yourself when was the last time you used it. If it is over a year, you may not need it at all.
If you never use something, ask yourself the following:
Do I love it?
Is it beautiful?
Does it bring me joy to see it?
Is it a memento that is meaningful to me?
If you answer is no to the above, get rid of it. Don't keep things "in case I might need it some day". That is how clutter happens.
If you are keeping a whole lot of things out of sentiment, remember this: if *everything* is "sentimental", then the word loses its meaning. Only keep the really, really meaningful things.
And then, look at how much room those things are taking up. Keep the things that take up less room.
Be sure that you use your space efficiently. Don't keep items you never use on your kitchen counter, for instance. Use your most easily-reached space for things you use every day.
Decide on a place where every single thing, from the largest to the smallest, lives. And then put it there. If you don't have room for every single item to have a permanent place, then you have too much stuff. Get rid of more of it.
Donate everything that anyone could use to the charity or thrift store of your preference. That way you are helping other people and can feel good about it.
This is what I ultimately began doing several months ago. It takes a while to whittle things down, but as Susan123 says, a little at a time is getting me there. There's another benefit to this simplifying your house...I don't hit my shins, trip or run into things as much when I'm in a flare and/or fog! Simpler is better if you have the strength to let go of the clutter!
I feel you! My house is full of 3 men and occasionly grandkids. My husbands allways been messy. For most of our life , married 39 yrs, i was full time homemaker. I loved cleaning cooking and taking care of everyone and everything. Long time ago my husband decided, well we decided my being home with the kids was best. He had a business to run, and when he didnt work fished and hunted. This was his relaxaction. Now that were older and i cant do much, my house is much worse than ever. But...... I have let go of the shame. Now i tell people , welcome! Dont mind the mess, it always looks like this.
Im working on throwing things away. God bless you, dont get to down.
I will pray, god send angels to help.
Me too lord!
People always comment on how tidy my house is and my secret is closets and baskets. I can quickly pop things into baskets so it looks tidier and I hide my mess in closets. lol. It helps keep me calm to have things visually tidy even if it isn't clean. I also bought an inexpensive carpet sweeper - much lighter than a vacuum and it helps to keep the rugs under control.
I got rid of items that required dusting and I have few surfaces
that need dusting. I went to cheap paper plates to cut back on the dishes.
I have been married 38 yrs, there's only two of us. Leftovers are my favorite.
I too need to declutter. I had to walk away from a family day care business. I left in March last year, with my 14 yr old son. Since then we moved in with my parents and lucky for us they will build us a granny flat in their backyard. However there is a house with so many things in it to get rid of. This is also the house I moved to and spent 22 yrs with my ex partner in before he left to start another life with a new partner. I have been avoiding cleaning it up as everytime I go back to the house to collect something I need I feel an overwhelming sense of sadness, anger, frustration and grief of a life once lived. It has only been 8 mnths since diagnosis but that life seems such a longtime ago. I will use Vicky the cats and Sunkacola suggestions as I think it will be really helpful. I try and do feel somedays very positive about the transition I am making and looking forward to creating a new life. I just don't know what it looks like yet. Thanks Susan 123 for beginning the thread.
Feel for you Janette..although its many years ago my hubby went off with another woman...when i thought we were very happily married and it all unfolded over a weekend....then later i got fibro on top and have had to give up my career...its hard dealing with fibro and all those changes you are going through and the heartbreak of not only the loss of your former life partner and home but your former self too.

I wish you so much luck..your parents sound fab and i bet your 14 year old brings you joy haha as well as all the teenage angst!

MY son was similar age when my marriage single parenting on full of admiration for deserve happiness and the best health you can get!
Thanks Willow, you brought tears to my eyes when I read your reply. It is hard somedays and yes I do have fab parents as well as a fab sister and her husband. Support from immediate and extended family as well as some fabulous friends has helped me through. Your also correct about my son he does bring joy with alot of teenage angst. This situation is particularly hard on him. His father doesn't see him anymore and he is really active. His mother is unable to do with him the things he wants and he says when it's all too much " whatever fibro,fatigue, just sleep yours and my life away who cares." Hurtful but I understand his angry and frustrated. That with the constant pain in my body although tolerable as well as tiredness is what really can bring me down. But then after a day we will hug and have a chat and things will return to normal whatever that is for a while. So once again thanks for your reply it's nice when someone truely understands wnat I am going through.
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