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Oct 28, 2017
Good Day All,

I have been considering the poitential I have Fibro for a while and would love to speak with some experienced veterans or even just knowledgeable members about it.

Quick medical history, I was in 7 car accidents with in 5 years, I've been treated with physical therapy, massage therapy, drug therapy, chiropractic, self made detox baths, healthy eating and exercise, and probably a few others that I probably can't recall. I'm at wits end here, while my post might seem uncrazed I'm crying while writing this.

My PCP, Neurologist, and Physical Therapist all have their own opinions and think it is in my head sometimes and I need to see a psychiatrist and therapist, which I have seen many psychiatrists before, but all just don't really listen and throw me on some med. I have bad insurance and live in a bad area when it comes to resources. I've been on many anti-depressants and bi-polar medications and even though I have medicine sensitivities I stayed with them till I couldn't handle the side-effects anymore or they were only making everything worse. Last psychiatric medication I was on was BuPropion which is the generic of Wellbutrin. It seemed to work for a while, but the side-effects were to much and I couldn't really handle it or the effects it offered.

I started to see specialist after specialist hoping something would be found. Bloodwork done all return normal with the exception of vitamin D, which I'm treating, and my ANA which I haven't gotten yet.

I've decided to see a Rheumatologist, which I scheduled back in June for next week. I feel like this could be my last hope. I know there is no direct cure for it and knowing won't make it go away, but I think it would put me at a little ease. I also know there is no exact test for it and as all of my doctors in my past have questioned all my problems since all of these car accident traumas I'm worried the Rheumatologist will just dismiss me or tell me they know for certain I don't have it. Is there any specific details I should bring up to the Rheumatologist? I have depression, memory fog, chronic pain, flare ups in pain,chronic migraines, and a bunch of other symptoms which I would gladly list them all if it would. Also, I'm a 29 year old man, maybe should have mentioned it before. I've been told time and again that men are at such low risk for it that it's impossible for me to have Fibro. I just don't know where to turn. My mother who has Sjogren's Disease and Fibromyalgia has been trying to help me and while the help is very wonderful and very appreciated I'd like to get others inputs as well. Thank you for your time! Also feel free to ask me anything I'm an open book!
Holy crap I wouldn't drive anymore if i were you. D:

I'm not a pro but I figured I'd reply anyway.

I started having problems back in the day(6 years ago, I thought it was due to a medication I was on at the time but no longer think so) but when I had my sky diving accident everything suddenly got worse. Those car accidents you had certainly wouldn't have helped.

I can tell you it may be more than one thing as well. I have: bipolar, ADHD inattentive type, Generalized Anxiety Disorder as a partial list. So you could have multiple problems at once. I tried around 35-40 meds before I found my current cocktail. Some, like you, I just couldn't tolerate. Once you get yourself sorted out on your other symptoms if this is still an issue you may just be drug resistant and there are other options to follow as well.

The good thing is, you are right, naming it won't change anything. But it helps to know what you are fighting. I have also been through the physical therapy, massage, chiro, route.

My pain management doctor decided to poke me in places it really hurt while I tried subtly walking away from him. The description and the pain points (the very, very painful pain points) made him think Fibro.

I would say definitely go see Rheumatologist. I'm keeping my appointment in December with one that I made a few months ago. I want to make sure nothing is going on that either causes my current symptoms or coexists with them.
Although now they said Fibro should stick with neurologists, but rheumatologist are still dealing with fibro patients a lot longer. So yes they are likely to be more open up to fibro diagnosis and possibly get you on the better start.

I'm super sensitive to most meds my doctor threw at me , so now I'm completely drug free, living and taking the pains as they comes. It's a lot of works to keep it well manageable. But the first relieve I've found was the correct supplements that my body was actually crying for, finding out which food I'm intolerance with exactly and avoid them like a plaque , finding out what type of sleep disorder do I have and how to fix or living with it , and what are my other type of sensitivities beside the meds which could be lights, sound , temperatures , and last but not least which are my anxiety problem that actually causing most pains on my body. Then selectively find the way to ease them as simplest ways as possible. Not easy but once you get the hang of it , it's get easier even with the brain fog in the way.

Are you on CBD oil , kratom , taking turmeric , coca tea, or any kind nerves oils that work for you?

Also there are lots of information on here, try looking around cause every fibro may suffer similar yet at the same time very different from each , one answer won't cover all since not all are coming from the same backgrounds.
I can imagine how frustrated you are feeling. You've through so much, and the constant pain, fatigue, depressive become a true battle. I know it because I was the same when I was 29; 1 serious bike accidents, many falls/broken bones, diagnosis of borderline/bipolar, anxiety, my pain and fatigue being blamed on my mental illnesses.

For years, I simply gave up going to doctors, moved in with my parents, gave out on a life of my own, really. I did manage to work for a number of years, but it was true hell. Then I finally did go to a doctor; she looked at my age (34 at the time), my perfect blood work and said I was the healthiest patient she had seen the whole week and I should simply go on a holiday and I'd be cured! I was so so so angry. It took me again years to go back to another doctor, and yes this time fibro was diagnosed. But it was diagnosed by a doctor who only believed in medication, so I had to use all the known fibro meds, high doses of them. The side effects were horrendous....then because I needed to prove my employer I was too sick, I went to many doctors, had 2 failed neck surgeries, fibro diagnosed by 3 other doctors...and I was fired...

Being a patient really takes patience, so if the next doctor you see does not listen you, you feel like he/she is not taking you seriously, just walk out and say 'ok, next doctor then?'. It is so important to find the right doctor, no matter what your real diagnosis is.

If I were you, I'd write down all your complaints (with exact locations, how often, how severe). Explain how these affect your life, your daily life. Once a shrink told me that they only start taking people seriously when they notice that their 'normal' lives are no longer there. (whatever normal means!). This has always been my self-test as well. 'how much does this complaint affect my daily life? what can't I do anymore? what has become difficult and why?' The doctors seem to take these observations seriously as well.

And yes, sadly being male makes a diagnosis of fibro even more difficult - doctors only focus on women having it, don't they? But at the same time, it could also be something else, so make sure they look at all possible causes/diagnosis. (this is advice for everyone, no matter what their gender)

I really hope the rheumatologist will help you out. Finding out what is wrong is so important, once you know, you can work towards healing. All the best....
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