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Hello and hi to everyone on this forum, Im new at this and will try to keep this as short as possible. Here are my symptoms in the order that they started. Roughly 2 weeks ago my hole body start feel achy, with mild pain. Then one morning i awoke to a very sore groin, not sure if it was lypms or something else. One day after that i started with a real stiff neck, sore biceps and triceps, and sore muscle in back of legs kinda of the feelin as if you had worked out hard. As this progressed it then went to the calfs makin then feel a little tight. I am now having muscle twitches and muscle jerks all over my entire body that keep me up all hours of the night. Another symtom ive had pain under the right arm for about 3 months i think it is lymp nodes not sure though. AS well i think i might have slight arthritis in hands they are real stiff in the morning. I have been checked for lyme which came out neg, but that dont mean too much here in canada since the type of testing is far behind the states. At this point im pretty baffled about the hole situation if any one has any input i would much apprec, thanks and please keep up the good work on this forum.
Sounds a lot more like Fibromyalgia than ALS, but I don't know that much about Fibro.

Honestly though, your symptoms are pain and not weakness; you shouldn't even be thinking about ALS. Go to a doctor (rheumatologist perhaps?) and try to figure out what's going on. No reason ALS should even be a consideration at this point.
Thanks for your reply! i do have some weekness in my arms, as they will start to shake if i hold them up for a bit, i guess it the muscle jerks and twitches that really got me wondering it came on pretty quick just a little nervous about the situtation. Im a 38 year old male with generally good health till i sarted getting this thanks any replies are apprec!
It sounds like you do have something going on with your muscles, but it's still not characteristic of ALS at all. There are so many different things that can affect the muscles, it's best to put something that's so scary and insanely unlikely like ALS out of your mind and see what the docs have to say.

Keep in mind that a lot of muscular and neurological disorders are hard to diagnose, so they may not have all the answers. But "not sure" does not mean ALS is any more likely.

Good luck! Let us know what the docs tell you.
Hi Rayray....hummmm...well anyway, I do have full blown Fibromyalgia and my dad has ALS. It does not sound like ALS at all. As far as Fibromyalgia, it seems like the symptoms came on to quickly for it to be that either. Plus, with Fibro there is generalized pain all over, not just specific places. I would go and have yourself checked by a good doctor. There are 18 spots they test for for Fibromyalgia and if at least 12 of those spots are hurting you have it. A groin muscle isn't one of them by the way, nor is pain under your arm. The neck fits but that is about it. Plus the fatigue, you would have major fatigue with Fibro as well. It makes me think that something else is going on. Even a virus. Hopefully it will go away, but otherwise A Rheumatologist would be a good place to go as well.
Also, just some friendly advice.....the internet can scare the hell out of you in trying to find out what you may have. I wouldn't go there until you have exhausted seeing a lot of doctors and specialists.
Hugs, Blubear
Hi and thanks for your reply! you are right searching on the internet can really scare the hell out of you. Im just trying to figure out these wierd symtoms. ive got an appt with the doc, going to have another lyme test done, as well wnv. I guess it was the muscle twitches the real stiff neck and jerks that got me going on this internet. Im going to the sleepin clinic here as well to check that option maybe its cfs or something. Sorry to here about your fibro, and your dads als best wish to your dad. i apprec the advice from someone who knows first hand thanks Ray!
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