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Angie stout

New member
Mar 24, 2013
I was bound and determined to find out what was wrong with me...
I recently found out I have Fibromyalgia..... It's all new to me... I have had the pain forever but assumed that it was my job. I do a lot of lifting so I figured it was that. I saw a commercial on t v and new immediately that that's what was wrong with me... Now I want to learn all that I can
Welcome Angie, You have come to the right spot. Here you can learn all about fibro, and how to deal with the symptoms of this illness. As the biggest one as you know is pain, and there are lots of posts on this subject. I am sure you will fit right in and start asking questions and posting answers.
There are laid back fun spots on the forum and places where serious questions are raised. Lots of caring folks here to help you on your way. I hope you continue to come back and join us. See you around the forum. :)
I too am still learning everything I can about this, hopefully being here will help you as much as it has helped me!
This site truly is informative and helpful. There are alot of supportive people here. People who understand your journey and what you are going through. I am new here too, but I am really starting to understand what is happening to me. And to me just being informed and talking with people who have a like illness makes it feel better. Just knowing we are not alone in this makes me fel better. And I hope it does for you too.
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