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Dec 13, 2018
hi everyone, Just got diagnosed today. Honestly always thought this was just a diagnoses doctors give when they dont know whats wrong! I have been a full time waitress for 38 years and just thought the pain was due to that. However the pain is so constant and fierce that I finally had to go to the doctors. She tested for bone cancer.. so relieved its not that. but feeling confused by the diagnosis. My upper back is on fire, pain is everywhere! How can nothing show up on an xray? felt like the dr. gave me the diagnosis just to shut me up and get rid of me.She gave me both Lyrica and Cymbalta A lttle miffed as I dont have depression or anxiety, I just have severe pain. Sorry if I seem insensitive,not my intention, Im just confused thats all. The few people I know who say they have fibro seem so sick and have lots of health problems and dont work. I am pretty healthy, I am fit, work out lots, eat a plant based diet,work full time, meditate, practice gratitude and have changed my whole life in the last year. But, I am here to learn.... I need help..I cannot live like this.....Do these medications work for people? Are there naturopathic options? What to do when in such severe pain? Rest?
Anyways thanks for listening everyone, I hope I havent offended anyone not at all my intention...this is all new to me....whatever suggestions you give will be helpful. Thanks Laurie
Hi Laurie,
I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in the mid 90s. I was in so much pain and sat on a couch most of the time. It hurt WAY to much to move. My Aunt told me at one point to get my A** of the flipping couch and get moving! I remember telling her NO WAY! You don't get it! I am in so much pain and any movement makes it so much WORSE!!! Boy did I have a LOT to learn! Turns out that for me, she was actually right! I just had to find the right level of activity. Too much and I'm in massive pain, too little and I'm still in massive pain. I found the right amount and the pain starts to go away.

I have also been on Lyrica and Cymbalta. Lyrica made me feel like I was high and Cymbalta made me suicidal. Cymbalta may be a depression/anxiety med but it can be helpful with Fibro too, but I forget why. I've been on Melaxicam for several years and it does help me. When I get a severe flare, Tylenol Arthritis does help a little; however, rest is the worst thing for me. I've recently started taking CBD oil and that kinda helps too. Now, I only tell you all of this because the next person to respond may very well tell you that Lyrica is their lifesaver. The person after them may say Cymbalta is the life saver. The fourth person will tell you to rest and that's what saves them. Everyone has a different Fibro. Just like no two autistic people have autism in the same way. You will most likely go through several different medications before finding the "right" one for you. Do NOT be afraid to speak up for what YOU need in your medication, rest, activity level or within your daily relationships. The thing that I find the MOST helpful is daily walking. It hurts like hell when you first start; as with any exercise program, but in a few days, you'll be feeling better. Keep your weight within the normal ranges as that helps too. I understand that you are already fit and moving, but it may be too much for your Fibro body.

This is an illness about learning your new limitations and how you can maneuver around them without causing more pain or making you feel that you are losing who you are. I can no longer go hiking, but I can ride a bike. I cannot take my big dog for a walk, but my little one is no problem. It's about finding the joy in the things you CAN still do and the new adventures awaiting you. Just keep moving at some level, but do NOT overdo it. It's a delicate balance to find the right fit for YOU. And remember: Your Fibro is DIFFERENT than my Fibro and there is NO 'one size fits all' fix for any of it. It may be possible that nothing I've said here will be helpful to you, but this is what helps me. Good luck and I wish you the best. I hope this wasn't too much of a Debbie Downer for you.
Thanks Boo, you summed it up really well, and you are right it is a journey you are on for the rest of your life. I've been through all the drugs available and wont use any because I'd rather be in pain than in a drug induced haze, or deal with side effects, but that is my choice and its not easy and I certainly wouldn't judge anyone for taking whatever drugs they need.
I've been to see Naturopaths and one in particular who diagnosed a wheat allergy was a life saver, staying off wheat is not a cure, but it certainly helps, and their herbal remedies are good for energy etc. But "Diagnosed Today", read up on Fibro because it is really complex and it is good to be aware of all the different symptoms associated with it.
It is a life changer and some days will be really hard, but learn your limitations and abilities and do new things that you can enjoy.
I think the hardest thing to understand about fibro, is the lack of evidence. As you say nothing shows up in blood work or on X-rays or for that matter any test, and yet doctor's point to fibro as the reason for all the pain. One reason things don't show up is because the pain is coming from muscles. Muscles get damaged or swell and pinch nerves, which only increases our pain. When we feel the pain as in bending your knees and having a hard time standing up we tend to think of arthritis as in our bones. But the weakness lies in the muscle fibers. And in many ways this illness makes no sense as it hits young and old alike.

I used to think it was a diagnosis that was given when nothing else was found and so they said, hey lets make up a good name for this problem we don't believe in but it will satisfy the masses. Now I am not so sure, but at least now it is realized as a illness and in some ways we have a label to cling too. In the early days when patients complained of muscle pains the going term used was bursitis, which is identified by joints, tendons, or muscles that are near the bursa may have been overused. Most commonly, injury is caused by repetitive movements or over use of muscles over a long period of time. In my case this could have been the cause as I did housecleaning for a living, but it did not explain why other body parts were involved and why though I stopped working and rested more that the condition did not improve.

Repetitive use of a joint leaves people prone to bursitis.
Some causes of bursitis include:

Tennis elbow: Bursitis is a common problem among tennis players and golfers. Repetitive bending of the elbow can lead to injury and inflammation.

Clergyman's knee: Repeated kneeling can cause injury and swelling to the bursae in the knee area.

Shoulder: Repeated overhead lifting or reaching upwards can cause bursitis in the shoulder.

Ankle: Injury to the ankle can result from walking too much and with the wrong shoes. It is common among ice skaters and athletes.

Buttocks: The bursae in this area can become inflamed after sitting on a hard surface for a long time, such as on a bicycle.

Hips: Some runners and sprinters can develop hip bursitis.

Thigh: Bursitis can be caused by stretching.

Though, on this site we state what has helped some of us feel somewhat better, this term bursitis does not truly apply as there are treatments that work to cure bursitis but to date there are no treatments that cure fibro. So as they say we have to believe in the diagnosis until down the road maybe something else will explain our illness.
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