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Eff fibro

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Oct 13, 2014
July 2014 I started having sharp shooting pains so intense my limb would spasm. It would happen anywhere, totally unprovoked. My arm, then my foot, the in my chest, the my hand... it was baffling and very scary for me. After relatively normal blood tests, EMG, MRI of brain & c-spine I was diagnosed with fibro. Shortly after I started having bee sting sensations and twice had allodynia, weirdest feeling in the world! So I finally accepted the fibro diagnosis.
Then I threw out my back for the 3rd time (first 2 were many years ago and from overuse, this time I was just standing, not moving, and BOOM, felt like someone sliced my spine in half, I dropped to the ground and couldn't move for hours). My low back has been chronically achy since, that's 9 months now. I was doing PT for 6 months with minimal sporadic relief.
For a few months now I've been waking up about half the mornings a week around 4-5am with aching, numb hips. I'm fairly thin and sleep curled in a ball so I figured I was pinching off a nerve or blood supply so I started making a point not to flex so strongly at the back or hips. That relieved a bit of the back achiness but not the hip discomfort. I've been sleeping on a tempurpedic for years and it happens on my fiancé's pillowtop as well. Lately I'm waking up with my whole body hurting. My shoulders/upper arm now have the numb, aching feeling that my hips do and I ache all over. My muscles almost feel bruised to touch, like they would the day after a strenuous day at the gym (which I haven't done in years but know some exercise would be helpful).
I started gabapentin 4 months ago and that's relieved the sharp shooting pain and bee sting sensations, but this new pain isn't relieved by that, NSAIDS, muscle relaxers, heat, stretching... I just feel really run down.
Is this new-to-me symptoms of fibro? Do you find your symptoms change over time? I've read mixed opinions on that. I've heard back pain is very common but most threads I've read are due to herniated discs and other injuries seen on scans, my scans are fine. Thoughts? Thanks!
i have all of those and its scary! im so sorry. the bee stings,sharp pains, numbness and i call them knife pains. they are all nerve pain.
your muscles are spasming causing the muscles to send messages to the brain through your nerves to send pain to that area. this is part of fibro.
the anxiety is also boosting your pain level. my muscles spasm so bad they lift my arm right off the chair. mine is something else. my neurologist told me that the nerve spasms can only make your arms shake. if the relaxers arent working then have your doctor change them or increase the dosage.

this should explain alot of whats going on with your body. the muscles and nerves are all through out the body. so our pain spots change by the minute.
that why FM'ers have pain all over the body. just my opinion. not a doctor. keep reading the post and learning. keep asking questions.
I to have hip pain when I sleep. I can't sleep on my back for long or it goes in to cramps. Sadly fibro can make going to bed a nightmare,
When I'm back I feel like I've had both arms pulled off and both legs.
I used paracetamol tramadol and hot water bottle.
I had all this in the early days, but it's got to the point now, that I am totally numb on my hips and upper legs and half way down my chest... The back of my shoulders spasum and feel like I have pins and needles crawling all over them... Very little helps this pain, other that a pain gel you rub direct into the skin, that can work wonders... I sleep on a special mattress to releave pressure, but still wake up numb some days, my bed has a special massager unit on it top and bottom, and that helps sooooooooooo much, as it moves the blood around from the pressure areas, I don't know what I would do without it!
I have had to learn to live with the numbness and desensitisation , as no doctors will or can do anything to improve it ��
I can not get in and out the bath now, but I found Epsom salt baths where a god send, and will help sooth your pain, you can buy the huge bags of salt online, put a huge cupful in the bath and have a good soak��
I have never mentioned the bee sting sensations I have daily to anyone. I thought I was crazy! They are so sudden and sharp and I keep checking to see if I've been stung or there was a bug in my shoe.

Also I just had to get both knees replaced. The orthopedic surgeon asked me if I had been diagnosed with anything else besides fibro because the knees were so bad, stage 4 osteoarthritis, and I'm only 59. One knee had never bothered me at all until it went out suddenly. After x-rays, there was nothing but bone on bone. In preop blood work I finally had a positive ANA test but have not talked to my fibro doctor about it since I've been busy with physical therapy and recovery of both knees.
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