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Tipnatee N

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May 8, 2017
I was feeling very bad when I first walked in SSN office and asking for the disability, but I had no choice since that time I was being evicted from my home. I lived in nyc for 18 years. And since I came here legally I worked hard before I become ill, but because I was too busy working to hard i haven't have time to completed my citizenship. Therefore since I've gotten here later than 1996 I can not claim disability and it was denied. Actually they did sent me a letter back at first for the appointment said that I was approved till they see me in person and then tell me that I'm not ( maybe also because I look too young) . To be honest I was sort of relieved , even though I was doom at the time moving from hotel to hotels with what I had left. Not be able to get it to me somehow I don't feel like I'm useless even if I am ( I know it's weird cause I need help , but I also can't help it). I was evicted not just because of only my financial that was gone but my bf also lost his income at the time. Luckily his mom took me in while he stay in city to find a better job. I don't really know if I can really do it on my own even if I have disability income elsewhere. I wonder if disability transfer can be done. But still if that's what will make your heart rest easier, I'll say goes for it . We're all supporting you cause you are a one hell of a very lovable person and I'm glad I've gotten to know you even just for your conditions .
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