Do I have fibromyalgia?


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Feb 15, 2024
Hi everyone, id like to kind of know if anyone knows if my symptoms are fibro
Basically 2 years ago I started getting really severe headaches and tingling in my back and arms and hands , didn’t think any thing if it! Then it started to get worse! So went to the the dr they sorted mri of spine and head all came back fine whilst all my bloods came back as normal! Went to see a neurologist which he said I was fine and was all in my head when it’s clearly not!
The symptoms started getting worse as tingling has come all over my body now and waking we up in the middle of the night, started to get like a vibrating sensation in my head when I try and go to sleep! Now I’m starting to get aching all over my body whilst I have really bad like brain fog as I go to talk to people but can’t think of what to say it’s like my brain has gone blank! Also get dizzy spells and where I feel like my hands are disjoined from my arms and really weak legs! and also my chest sometimes feels really tight! I’ve got another drs appointment in 3 weeks but just wanted to see if this sounded familiar with anyone!
Hi @Jmiles10 , and welcome to the forum.'s not all in your head, and I am sorry you were told that. This is basically a very unkind cop-out thing that some doctors say to patients if they don't know what is causing their problems, and it indicates to me a doctor who is more interested in feeding their ego than in trying to help someone who has come to them for help. Unfortunately, this is all too common.

Your symptoms do sound as if they could be fibromyalgia. However, there are many other things that could also cause the same symptoms and it is worthwhile to get tested for those things, if you can. You can find a list of these things online if you look for it.

I'm glad you have a doctor appointment coming up. You might ask this doctor to test you for some of the other things that could cause your symptoms. I hope that the doctor you are going to see is more thorough with testing and is not going to dismiss you telling you it's all in your head. People here on this forum understand what you are experiencing and we are here to offer you our support. If you stick around you will find many helpful and friendly people here. We are all here to help each other. You are not alone.
Hi, Jmiles10,
typical for fibro would be that MRIs and neurology can't find anything, also the aching all over.
Unfortunately it's also typical for all our invisible chronic diseases that they first think it might be psychological - but that's not just fibro.
Tingling isn't that "typical", it's not a diagnostic criterion - but many of us have some, you seem to have it all over! :rolleyes:
Ache all over, brain fog and unrestorative sleep would be things you've mentioned contained in the 2016 ACR diagnostic criteria.
Tight chest brings me on to wondering if you've had heart, and accordingly circulation checked?
Dizzy spells we've talked about recently (me: my dizziness, vertigo and nausea didn't come from the start, it's new, and I think something different to fibro, an immune system reaction).
Hands feeling disjoined from arms sounds if not neurological then perhaps also circulatory? (Like pins and needles are the nerves, but caused by them lacking blood-)
Weak legs could also be circulation, but also muscle issues, general body weakness and more.

So it might well be fibro, but when getting everything else checked I'd definitely not overlook circulation. 👐
Also, I prefer approaching and treating each symptom singly, and also that it may well be fibro plus other things.
Yeah I’ve had my heart checked and had X-ray aswell and all came back fine! Will get them to do alot more tests though when I see them, individually
had my heart checked and had X-ray aswell and all came back fine! Will get them to do alot more tests though when I see them, individually
Good! I'm not sure how circulation would be checked aside from things like seeing varicose veins, Raynauld's, white lips...