Do these symptoms point to ALS or Fibromyalgia?

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Do the following symptoms point to ALS or Fibromyalgia?

-Numbness in all four limbs, that started occurring suddenly.
-Neck pains, with pains that feel like they're shooting from the neck into the back of the head.
-Pain in the spine, feels like someone is stabbing me.
-Pain in my ankle, feels like it is broken (It is not, we have had it x-rayed)

Thank you for the help in advance, I know I will appreciate it as determining whether someone has ALS seems to be a scary process with lots of questions.
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Re: Do these symptoms point to ALS?

Those symptoms don't point to ALS, that is not the way it starts.

I would be looking for another explanation. I hope you can find one.
Re: Do these symptoms point to ALS?

I agree with Joel. The pains don't sound like ALS symptoms to me. We're not doctors though. Sounds like you should be seeing one though.

Re: Do these symptoms point to ALS?

JoelC - you state "thats" not how it starts. I have read so many different stories - so what would you say "how it starts"
Re: Do these symptoms point to ALS?

There is so much misinformation being spread around it is disturbing.

ALS does not start everywhere, it starts by weakness in one area and then slowly moves to other areas. It does not come on suddenly as was started above, or everywhere all at once.

There are a lot of post on this forum from people who do not have ALS, please be carefully while reading information and be aware of whether it is from someone with ALS or someone tying to figure out what their symptoms point to.
Re: Do these symptoms point to ALS?

I agree with Joel.

It starts quietly and just grows on you.

A stumble for no reason. Dropping your keys. If you are a clumsy person like me , you dont even question it.

No pains, no OMG what the hell is wrong with me.

Then the weakness slowly creeps up on you.

I started limping. Thought an old hip problem coming back. Ended up in Physio and it was working great until there was just one thing I could not do. That started the process of the diagnosed.

Actually a ALS diagnosed is not scary. Its many tests of "your normal" "no signs of anything abnormal" they have to rule out everything else. And still not in pain , just a weakness localized somewhere. None of that is scary until the doctor gives you that final diagnosed.

Re: Do these symptoms point to ALS?

I agree with all above except the pain statement.
Myself, and now knowing other PALS who experienced severe pain in limb as one of initial symptoms.
It might be that I had weakness for a while, and other arm muscles that were overexerted produced pain.
I recently was explained by MD at Hopkins that ALS can produce FOCAL pain caused by other muscles weakness.
Re: Do these symptoms point to ALS?

Hi mgy93

I'm no expert but sound very much like Fibromyalgia. widespread pain on limbs & back is a key symptom the docs would look for.
Would also get your doctor/chiropraactor to check for a herniated disc as this my cause bilateral pain throughtout the body.

I wouldn't worry about ALS with those symptoms.
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Rick had trouble walking on grass or hilly territory.... by losing his balance. He developed sleep apnea. When he put on shorts for the first time in the late spring, I noticed both his calves were skinny, one more than the other, and his big strong muscles there were almost gone. He had an abnormal EMG on his right leg particularly, and loss of some reflexes, as well as different measurements of each leg width. His CPK blood test was high. He had footdrop and walked peculiarly by putting down the balls of his feet first. He began having shortness of breath and trouble swallowing. He began having involuntary twitches that he didn't even notice..... others did.
He doesn't have pain anywhere, ever. Just stiffness. In fact when his leg was injured in an explosion, he didn't even need pain killers during 8 surgeries that saved his leg. He doesn't feel the hot or cold weather. He has trouble following directions... like left or right.... has trouble walking a straight line. Can't squat or stand up on his toes. If he shuts his eyes he falls over. Two fingers on one hand are now parlyzed.
So many people on this forum only THINK they have ALS. ALS doesn't come on like these people describe. It is subtle in that you can easily ignore the early symptoms. You just think you are tired or getting old.... need exercise... and you can ignore it for a while. Some have fast progression and the horror begins. The rest of the PALS have slow torture.
We hate it. We put up with it and go on as best we can. In any case, listen to your neurologist and the results of your tests... and believe them. Why borrow trouble?
Sounds like a cervical spine problem to me, but there may be some other areas involved .Fibromyalgia patients complain of pain everywhere.The numbness indicates nerve compression or vascular insufficiency.
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