Does anyone else have an annoying ringing or buzzing in the head or tinnitus?

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Yes, the ringing is worse at night.
Hi, and welcome, laughingsoul! 👋 - inspiring name... :cool:

I forgot to put my tuppence worth in about the night bit, thanks for the pointer.
I'd suggest it might be worse then because of lying down, like KayJ says, so praps orthostatic / blood flow.
But it might also seem worse, because of less noise, less distraction & insomnia annoyance.
And it might also be worse at night rather than in the daytime due to various body processes.

Not sure it's worth it to find out which of these 5 and more is making the difference, but it might point to different treatments.
If it's lying down, then it would be less bad if you sit at night or put something under the top of your bed (legs or mattress etc.)
This is also the reason for which ginkgo would help most.
If it's the noise etc., various kinds of relaxation, mindfulness etc. might alleviate (Yoga Nidra?).
If it's the body processes that would depend on which processes, complicated.
Hi @laughingsoul welcome to the forum (your name is very lovely) yes I get a lot of tinnitus at night just as I’m going to sleep and (your not imagining it) weight gain can be a problem for us 🧁 ☕😁
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Well I've had it for 25 years,
But it stopped for years, now it back I found that if my ears are full of wax it makes it way way maybe have your ears cleaned .
If this helps I play the sound of rain in my ear phones to sleep ,it helps keep the noise down and let me sleep ,
Yes to the weight gain issue.

I've often wondered if it's down to any of the Meds &/or 'extras' ie herbal, vitamins etc I take
but I will never know, as I never read the enclosed information & side effects list etc for fear of freaking out & stopping taking them.

Then again, it could be down to the over-eating during lock downs etc
& an increasingly sweet tooth which seems to have increased with age.
Am also addicted to chocolate but that's been a life-long thing.

Food is my comfort & what I look forward to during long boring days when the Fibro stops me doing much of anything,
except eat of course :)

PS: Yes also to ear noise.
mine takes the form of my heart beating loud as a drum in both ears,
which is always worse at night & tends to be louder the more active been I've during the day.
I also find using a cushion/pillow for head support makes it worse too.

Must go, morning has broken & is all over the floor,
it seems it's going to be a dropsy/clumsy day.
I have a lot of those.

Love & hugs to all you fellow warriors, have the best day you possibly can.
Thank you everyone! My hearing test is today. :coffee:
Don’t mean to restart an old thread but curious how this played out for you?

I was going through the same thing around the same time. Rheumatologist said tinnitus isn’t related to fibromyalgia. When I asked ent he basically said my hearing was fine and it was all in my head. I've tried flavonoids which did nothing.

Did you have any success with doctors or anything suggested here?
Hi Everyone and thank you all for the helpful comments shared! I don't have much of an update as I am still waiting for the referral to the ENT. I have received the results from the hearing test which included a recommendation that my family dr. send me to an ENT as there is some kind of possible blockage in my hearing system, although she said my ears were extremely clean with no wax. Things move slowly around here. I have not tried ginko but will look into it. Is it a supplement that you take or a lotion? Hope everyone is surviving this heat wave and has a good day today.
Oh you said the magic word fimi (my magic word anyway)
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Tinnitus isn’t imaginary (I’m a bit annoyed with him for saying that to you) tinnitus is a very real (and very irritating) thing 😤 🙄
I have not tried ginko but will look into it. Is it a supplement that you take or a lotion?
Ginkgo for this is as far as I know always pulverized leaves in tablet or capsule form, so supplement. Common size here is 120mg or 240mg as tablets. I've gone up to 500mg/d (in vegan capsules) for fatigue, fog, inflammation and lipids, but it says 336mg is the daily dose on the bottle. I think I'm taking more for my lipids.
Thank you for the info. :) As for the comments on chocolate - I concur! Why did they stop making chocolate and lime popsicles????
I always thought ginkgo was for other things, ( perking up in other areas) will it help my fatigue too ! (or will it have more effects i dont really want) 😒
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