Dr thought i was "odd"

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Mar 12, 2013
Ok, so I have a question about a pain I have been having lately.
It feels as if I can can feel the blood circulating throughout my body. To a point where it hurts. I can follow pain throughout my body along the path of circulation, it comes and goes. Some places are more tender/noticeable than others, but, on my most painful days is when I tend to feel it the most.
Does anyone understand what I am saying or have they felt the same thing before?
Anyone have any suggestions?
When I mentioned this to my Dr, his initial reaction was a very obvious WTF face... Then he said could be something to do with High Blood Pressure, but mine is ALWAYS low, like 85-90 over 55-65. It never goes over 100 over 70. And theyve done several blood tests that have all come back normal.
Basically, Im just wondering if anyone else has ever felt this or if it really is as strange as the Dr made me feel...
I'm afraid I've never felt that. I sometimes feel like I can hear my blood/heartbeat at night (even if I hold my breath).
I think I may know what you are talking about. Iam not sure how to describe it. But, sometimes inside my legs it feels like something thick is inside my skin or veins and I can feel it move up. Like something gets clogged or stuck there then moves and breaks free. Then I do not feel it anymore. Like a clump or something is in there and eventually gets worked out. This happens at random times for me. Ant it does not happen to often. My blood pressure is sometimes slightly higher then normal. So I don't know for sure what is happening, but it a weird feeling. And it only lasts a few minutes when it occurs.
I have felt this before, or at least from the way you describe it I think I have. Like I can feel my blood move through my veins every time my heart beats. When it first started, about 5 years ago, my doctor told me that he thought it was because of my high blood pressure. But, I haven't had any blood pressure issues in about 3 or 4 years and I still get that feeling. So, I don't know what causes it, but sometimes it helps me to know someone else experiences the same thing and I"m not crazy =)
The same thing happens to me too Sula. I can feel my heartbeat at nighttime too. I don't like it when a doctor tries to make you feel strange. I don't find this odd at all. Hopefully the doctor is able to help you fix or try to gain control of the issue.
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