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Oct 2, 2018
hello everyone!

i have been tested for lupus twice now, the second time i was also tested for RA. i was also tested for celiac disease, which was high, .1 off from being clinically diagnosed. the results for lupus and RA were negative. however, my body seems off. some of the symptoms that i have and am experiencing are as follows:

1. exercise induced headaches and fatigue (higher impact activity brings about flu like symptoms).

2. fatigue/lethergy from doing simple tasks, chores, cooking.

3. photosensitivity, sensitive to scents, headaches.

4. feeling of constant congestion in my head, "fog"-unmotivated/no energy/memory problems.

5. stiffness if i stay in a certain position for too long.

6. nausea/headaches

7. dizziness when going from sitting to standing.

8. motion sickness/headaches when driving in vehicles

(i am sure there is a longer list)

i have yet to experience any chronic pain in my body with the exception of a numb big toe, occasional tenderness in my neck and occasional tingling. my mom has been diagnosed with arthritis, fibro and lupus and have heard that there may be a hereditary component.

does anyone have any advice regarding early symptoms and what to watch for? i am a 27 year old female.

thank you in advance!
Gosh, what to watch for, that is hard considering you have most of the symptoms we have. I might say instead that you start reading more of the new and back posts in the forum and start learning how to self-manage as many of your symptoms as you can. Right now your in the wondering stage, do I have it or not. We have all been through this and it can drag on for years.

Also if you have any of the illnesses you mentioned at some point your tests will be positive. But right now be thankful for what you don't have. I know that is hard and I am not taking your symptoms lightly, but when we are waiting to find out what is wrong we tend to focus on that diagnosis and we often forget about just taking care of ourselves. And in doing that we often run to doctor's thinking this guy or gal will find the answer. They will run the right test and then I will know for sure what is wrong. But sadly most of the time all we do is run up big bills we can not afford.

So start asking us questions on how we manage our symptoms. Some of the things I do might help you and others will share as well. I don't push myself to be prefect anymore. Meaning I get things done as in housecleaning and shopping, by doing one or two chores a day. It gets done but not in that super fast speed all in one day mode of the past. I rest more, do relaxing things like reading, watching funny movies, laughing is good, try to eat healthy, take warm bubble baths, spend time with family & friends, sleep on a comfortable bed. Lay a extra blanket at foot of bed to try and stay a bit warmer to avoid leg cramps.
Wear socks to bed. Your headaches might be related to allergies. Your fatigue could be a bit of depression. Get counseling. I do whenever things in my life weight me down to much. It is a good thing and can really help if your struggling with anything from family, health, job issues. Not saying you need meds but maybe just someone to talk with that can give you a different view on the subject without being judgmental.

Just jump in and answer other peoples questions with what you know and post where ever you want. I hope I have helped a bit now and I look forward to talking with you more. :)
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