Electric shock sensations in the brain

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Jan 31, 2013
Is electric shock sensations or "short circuit" sensations in the brain anyway associated with possible symptoms to Fibromyalgia?
Hi Sam,

Thankfully I don't have that symptom in my head, specifically in my head (lol), but the fogginess is just as frustrating sometimes. Electric shock sensations are a symptom of Fibromyalgia. It's more a feeling in the body and muscles more-so that concentrated in the brain.

Here's a list of all the major and common Fibromyalgia symptoms (third from the bottom is "electric shock" symptoms):

  • Acute pain
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Sleeplessness
  • Balance problems
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Electric shock sensations
  • Pins and needle sensation in hands and feet
  • Short-term memory loss

The feelings and causes of the shock sensations can be described like this:

  • Shocks feel like pins and needles but way more painful, common and continuing
  • Shocks feel like electricity traveling through your whole body, sometimes accompanied by a strange feeling of falling
  • The pains come on often and out of nowhere, feeling like flashes of hot light and painful tingling
  • Your muscles and body parts will sometimes jerk uncontrollably, arms, joints, legs, toes, fingers, etc
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No, it is not. A lot of people who I work for get confused about Fibromyalgia but whoever is feeling shock sensations tell do not need to worry if it is associated with Fibromyalgia.
Yes I get neuralgia pain through my head that feels like electricity zapping through my brain. Thankfully its not there all the time.
I get intense pain in the back of my neck and read-top of my shoulders... sometimes it's as if the muscles are flexed all day, it's exhausting and uncomfortable. I have found that keeping moving keeps me a bit looser, and a hot bath can help as well. But, neither of these are neuralgia pain, it's in the muscles. When it gets really bad I've had the electric shock sensations, but usually I'm feeling numb by then and all I can feel is the nerve related pain.
Hello, I just joined this site and saw this posting and had to reply. Thankfully I don't get electric shocks in my head/brain however when I was first diagnosed with Fibro I was and still do get electric shocks down my legs, front and back. It feels like I am being electrocuted and then an electrical shower down my legs. I was put on Lyrica. That medicine significately reduced the pain, I still have it just not as bad. I hope you feel better, I know I know, we never feel better. :)
Does Lyrica help with general pain or specifically for the shocks?
I also get pains alot in my neck,and shoulders as well as in my lower back and sometimes I feel like really warm feeling in my upper back. What can be done about all the pain and how do I go about telling my doctor.
I know the feeling of electric shock feelings in my head. I was using the vacuum last week and just the noise of the vacuum caused all kinds of sensations in my head. That plus my sheltie loves the vacuum cleaner and barks when it is running so the 2 noises combined really caused it and had to turn it off and have my husband finish with the vacuuming.
Does Lyrica help with general pain or specifically for the shocks?


Aside from anxiety I have had every symptom mentioned in that list, unfortunately. My Rheumatologist said that I am the most symptomatic patient she has had to treat. :/ Shock sensations in my head and throughout my body were an everyday and sometimes all day occurrence. It was, to say the least, extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant and really marred my ability to function. I even have muscle jerks and twitches due to "damaged nerve system".

The Lyrica does help with the shock sensation, however, I haven't seen much improvement with my jerking or twitching muscles. Lyrica is a life saver for Fibro patients if the medicine agrees with them. It reduced my neuropathy and pain by over half, I'd say. I still have bad days where my symptoms are out of control, but Lyrica is a great drug for symptom management. I have somewhat of a life now. :p

I have also found that Lyrica does not help with brain fog or fatigue or the loss of memory. At least, it hasn't helped me in that respects.
I used to get these types of shocks a lot more when in the begining years of my illness. It feels like your being bitten by mad bees. I had terrible pain in my head and suffered from migraine headaches constantly.

I found the best treatment is to try and relax and get away from the stress.
When we are hyped up due to being worried about our symptoms it seems to get the nerves all jumpy too. But if you can try and put away the worry for a short time each day, and then for longer times each day, it will help with this form of pain.

It always seemed for me that symptoms came in for a bit, long enough to get be really scared, then leave, then a few days later I would get hit with some new symptom. It was a merry-go-round that often made me feel crazy. I hope being here on this forum helps all of you deal with fibro. :)
Hello! I have been having alot of these symptoms but never really thought too much into it. Actually, I have been having sharp electric pains going through my private area for years. Now I sometimes feel dizzy and yes I am always sleepy. I thought it was the fact that I need to take more vitamins. What exactly do I tell my doctor to get tested? My doctor has never asked me or told me about Fibromyalgia and the various test I have had have been ok...
I use to get these sensations years ago but it has died down over the years. I now just get a lot of twitching whenever I am standing up on occasion or if I have been sitting somewhere for a while then standing up within a minute.
Usually fibro is considered if all the tests for everything else comes back normal. You need to see a doctor who specializes in this type of disorder, which is usually a rheumatologist. Most other doctors can not diagnosis it or treat it without certain tests ruled out. But i am sure reading on this forum with help give you ideas on management of the different symptoms your having.
Many years ago I had the shock sensations you are describing. Everything was tested, nothing was found, except for hypertension. It finally stopped, but it was frightful. Now I have what I call "zaps" - noises in my head that kind of stun me, a sudden feeling of where am I? - but it is momentary. I associate/blame this on medications. I know within a few days if a new med gives me the zaps, and I discontinue it.
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