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May 8, 2017
Thanks to those New York hipsters , kratom is now legally selling around New York city and can be easily purchase anywhere ( mainly smoke shop) .

So after receiving kratom in the powder in 3oz package labeling MAENG DA today which is suppose to be the most potent for pain killing among all the kratom. I took a small spoon of it mix with hot water and drink it on an empty stomach and each sipped I suppose to hold it in my mouth around for a few second before swallow. .. It's bitter but I do not mind the taste cause it's not so bad.

After 10 minutes of doing that my tongue feel slightly little tingling numb. Then 30 minutes later I'm starting to feel tiny little small buzz like I just drank a glass of regular beer. Nothing big were noticeable. So I thought " of course the dose was just too small " regular dose should be 1 tea spoon full and I only took just half of the spoon. But I decided to wait to see what happen anyway.

Then I was getting a hug from my bf and he have the habit of tapping the back on my right side upper hip which usually I'll be screaming in sudden strike of pain as always follow by his appology ( the usual) , so as soon as I felt his hand tapping it my body immediatly shook as the reaction thinking "OH NO here it comes!!' and expecting the pain to shoot up my spine with my eyes closed..... but then nothing happen! :shock:

So I at this point I was a little bit shock from NOT getting the pain that I usually get. Yet I'm a skeptic person so I don't wanna jinx it just yet.

Then about 2 hours later the pains in my wrist I had for a whole week was gone. The weridest thing is that I can tell that it's still there but it stop hurting. It's not like a numb medication cause it didn't feel numb at all it just slowly disappear.

By the next 2 hours after taking kratom I started to feel more mellow. It's a very weird feeling cause It's still there but it's not there at the sametime. Sadly I still have the tremors but the painful fever heavy body like feeling just felt lifted and lighter . I guess my fatigue was so bad I didn't get energizing but more like mildly relaxing from all the pains . By the end if the day ( 6-7 hours later) I should be having the usual loads of headache of sinusitis/migraine/TMJ/ by now but it just hurt only 20% of what it suppose to be. I know I took a very small dose than I should have so 8 hours later I decided to experiment taking another small amount on full stomach to see if maybe I can get some more effect. However I guess full stomach doesn't work on kratom , but I suddenly felt the need to eat more protein for some unkown reason. :???: So there goes me and the left over thanksgiving turkey ( bad move I'm afraid lol)

After 10 hours I can feel pressure in my ears are slowly coming back but it's not the same that I used to get. Everything feels like the last day of flu like fever. It's just some muscle weakness and some low head pressure. It's still feeling like something is suppressing it even after 12 hours had passed. It's an odd sensation cause I'm not used to feeling partial pains or the essence of it before. It's not like I can jump up and down today, but I did feel the big partial relieved and I think I like it so far. No high sensation whatsoever which I prefer it that way , less ptsd involved.

So weird , so tomorrow I'll try the full dose on an empty stomach to see what'll happen. :)
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