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Sep 22, 2014
Need a little support. Going tomorrow to find out what my "treatment plan" is going to be. Even though I was "officially" diagnosed with Fibro 3 weeks ago, I have lived with it since at least 2005 or before. After research, I think I have had it since I was a kid. Although I have been praying for years for a diagnosis, Now that I have Ins., I admit I am a little nervous! On one hand, I can't wait to see if my Rheumy really can get my pain level down, and help with the fatigue,fibro fog,stiffness(I tested neg.for any arthritis)and etc. I am actually taking my poor husband along in case I get Foggy Froggy and can't get back home! Lol! All of this new stuff makes me feel like a Newbie, but I also feel like a Fibro Veteran from tolerating it sooo long. I have burning,aching pain that is mainly worse in my neck,shoulders,lower back,hips,etc. that engulfs my whole body 24/7. I get what I affectionately(Not!)call"Burning Neck Migraines" that ended me in the ER once,where they gave me morphine and Phenergan. My Dentist says I am describing bad TMJ that I have. I have Lived with sinusitis. Iv'e been on antihistamine of one or the other since I was 13 to prevent hives. I have asthma. I get stressed,drown in Fibro Fog sometimes,and grouch at my hubby. I will turn 50 this year. That said, Does anyone remember your first "treatment plan"? I know everyone is different, but wondering what I should/can expect. I should also mention that I like my Rheumy,and I think I can trust.He is very gentle. Thanks for any input! Soft hugs!
Hey there HappyToBeAlive, welcome to the forum. I can't imagine what you're going through, but I know you'll get a lot of support here, so I hope you stick with us and that we can help you step by step.
Hi there,
I'm newly diagnosed... I'm in Canada so there are fewer drugs approved for this condition. I took one drug, Lyrica but it upset my stomach.
My Family doctor is following me for now although I've been referred to a highly specialized research clinic at a hospital here. The wait is a bit long but it will be worth it.
For now, my doctor has advised me to pace myself, listen to my body and to do stretching every day for 3-4 minutes, which really helps. I'm off work with pay (disability) so I have a lot of time to practice pacing, resting a lot. I have begun adding Isometric stretches which build strength. Another suggestion for this condition is Graded Exercise and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. I am doing both and I'm about to book a Physiotherapist at a clinic to help with Graded Exercice. My psychologist has helped me accept this condition and learn to live with it... although I was just diagnosed a month ago.
Hope that helps.....
Welcome. Cap and badge to our very exclusive club are in the post hehe
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