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Aug 12, 2013
Hello, I am hoping for some advice or to see if any one else does this. I work 7 days a week from 2AM to 6AM. I sleep till about 2PM. When I wake up I usually feel pretty good with some minor morning stiffness. Within 20-30 minutes I start to feel AWFUL. The pain and stiffness build until finally fatigue starts setting in and brain fog takes over. Some days it is very debilatating. It is not from morning low blood sugars as I have checked that.

On a good day the extreme pain only lasts a few hours or, if I take any, pain meds work and I can get on with life. But here is the weirdness. I usually feel MUCh better by the time 5-6AM rolls around. On REAl bad days there is no reprieve at all. My job requires little physical activity so I don't think moving around is the answer but I have NO idea why I feel better. The change can be drastic. I don't have to hold on to things to get up and down, my thoughts are very clear, the pain in my hands is completely gone, no all over body aches, no fatigue (beside just plain ole sleepiness), I can walk, clean, laugh, and be my "old" self again. It is pure heaven. But then I go to sleep and the whole process starts all over. Though I have not had a sleep study done, I don't think I have sleep apnea. My husband does have it and he has observed me sleeping often and I NEVER have times of stopping breathing and rarely snore.

Do any of you do this? Any ideas? My GP hasn't a clue.
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