Feeling lost

@Rainbow hello! Thanks for your message. I think I’m going to give this anti inflammatory diet 2 more weeks and if I still don’t see a difference I’m going to start living a more enjoyable life for sure! It’s made it hard to worry about what to eat on top of having to manage fibromyalgia symptoms :(
Good for you Sunseeker!

Imo life's too short to deny ourselves our pleasures & speaking purely from my own experience,
if you give any of our ailments too much attention it fuels it's self-importance till it becomes all-consuming
& takes total control of your life.

I'm in permanent rebellion & ignore them all - works for me :)

DISCLAIMER: Of course, I'm absolutely NOT advising anyone to do as I do!
Hi Fibro Friends! I recently got diagnosed with fibromyalgia. However I’m struggling with there not being a definitive test that comes back as positive. My fear is that something else has been missed even though excessive tests have been done. I have chronic hives (urticaria) that continues to come back and specialists have no answers as to why it is happening - they just say my immune system is not happy it’s not external factors.. I’ve been put on an anti inflammatory eating plan which is so restrictive. It’s been almost 4 weeks and I’ve seen no benefits. It includes drinking celery juice on an empty stomach every morning, not eating gluten, corn, starch, sugar, caffeine and alcohol. I want to believe this will show benefits soon as it is really hard to give up all these things at once. I am unfortunately still getting home from work and napping for at least 3 hours every afternoon .. I feel guilty I’m wasting my life in bed but there’s nothing I can do about it. Has anyone got any tips or similar experience?
Hi!sorry to hear of your diagnosis.hives isn’t connected to fybro but never rule it out.its how your body reacts to pain and anxiety.theres a multitude of ailments and I’ve had most being a sufferer for 25 years.you have to rest,your bodies telling you,dont fight it.definately try vitamin b and other herbal supplements,exercise,gentle walks not a workout,try and walk and get outside because sitting in just multiplies the ailments.swimming helps me and saunas,luckily i get it free.my wife had hives really bad and they couldn’t find the exact cause and she was covered.it should clear up but it lasted quite a few months for my wife,what fybro symptoms have u been suffering with?medication can seriously react if you take more than 1.don’t feel your on your own we’re in this together to help as much as we can.let us know what symptoms you have and meds.but that’s only if you feel comfortable telling us.my wife wasn’t given a special diet they just said it will clear up eventually.take care👍
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