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May 7, 2013
I am confused. I've been reading everywhere about anti-inflamm herbs and foods to eat for fibro, but when I had blood work done before my diagnosis it showed no inflammation. I do feel burning everywhere (coming from my nerves) but why would blood work show no inflammation. Can anyone explain? I will have to ask my doctor next time.
Check out lyme. You live in an endemic state, and it hides from blood tests.
I should. especially since there are a lot of common fibro symptoms that I don't seem to have.
You could try taking coconut oil or even raw pineapple and see if it makes a difference with the burning. Even if it is not showing up as inflammation in the doctor tests, the anti-inflammatory properties of pineapple might make a difference. When I an having a hard day getting around, or my feet hurt really bad, then I take pineapple. I try to take my coconut oil every day, because it is a supposed to help with so many things.
Hello--I just registered. I have ME/CFS and fibromyalgia. (I've been checked for lyme.) Three months ago, the fibro became much, much more intense. It was everywhere--the classic pressure points, plus many in the arms and legs, around the wrist, all around the knee and anklebone, and even between the bones of my feet and hands. (The bane of my existence is the inside-the-elbow pain, which began in 1967! Talk about an early warning!) When the fibro is at both at the ankle and the knee, I crawl through my apartment (which, conveniently, is tiny). But since 1980, long before I was diagnosed with ME/CFS-Fibro, I had a throbbing, burning pain (accompanied by numbness--I know it sounds like a contradiction) all down my left side, 24/7. I don't know where this comes from--fibro, ME/CFS, or simply neurology gone wild.

Unfortunately anti-inflammatory meds make me anxious, sick and sleepless. Meanwhile, the "burning" element makes my entire left arm and leg feel like they are on a spit, blazing and crackling like a roasting chicken. Happyflowerlady, I've never heard of coconut oil for general ills but it sounds like I should try it. Can anyone else suggest something that might improve the throb-and-burn?
what about gabapentin (neurontin)? I had such intense burning throughout my entire body for a year until I was finally diagnosed with fibro. As soon as my body adjusted to the gabapentin, my burning went away. Every once in a while, I feel some burning, but I've noticed that it comes on with certain too much bread, or soda. I don't drink soda at all because it causes some burning.
My doctor told me that fm does not cause inflammation.
@ Tracy45, My Dr said the same thing. You're body always feels inflamed, but it's not actually. This is why anti-inflammatory drugs don't work on people like us.
I would probably seek for a second or a third opinion. Sometimes, the tests could also fail so it's better to be sure by taking another one. Nerve problems should be easily observed through lab tests. Also, there are more specific nerve tests that you probably should undergo.
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