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May 8, 2013
Isle of Man
I'm new to this group. How do I feel about FMS - I call it my new friend I chat with her when she gets too much to handle. I've reached a stage where to die would be better than to suffer pain like this. Does anyone deserve this no, when people look at me because they can't see my suffering I'm faking it. Would I love to go out on my own and not shake, spasm and some time's tip over, feel dizzy yes of course I would. So I keep the good fight up, smile and not give up:smile:
Hi Shirley, You are so right nobody deserves to hurt like this. But believe me some days will be better than others. There will be good days ahead. I know it is not always perfect or fun. But there are ways to try and manage the pain. And I truly believe that fibro is becoming more understood. I think we are progressing in both the diagnosis and treatments. So please try and hang in there. Ofcoarse you are not faking it, and don't even worry about the people who do not understand it. There are plenty of people here who do understand. And who do know how you are feeling.

Good job, yes keep smiling and keep up the fight! And never top smiling because it wil get better!
I like the positive attitudes because it is so hard to keep a positive attitude when you are in chronic pain. I am constantly "beating" myself up because I've missed my daughter's softball game or stayed in bed for 15 hours sraight. The words of encouragement are welomed.
Welcome to the forum. As mentioned above the pain comes and goes, and changes as you learn new coping skills in being able to deal with the pain by the use of medications and self-help like stretching exercises and tub soaks, vibration mats and pads to help you sleep better. If you read through the questions and answers in the topic section on chronic pain I am sure you will gather some useful ideas on how to calm down that pain, as well as, other symptoms that one gets with fibro.

Hope to see your postings around the forum. We are a group of folks all suffering with the same illness, so we are very understanding and supportive in helping with whatever problems your facing at the moment. :)
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