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Feb 18, 2013
Hello fellow fibro-mates

I live in a small town in Northern Ontario and was very fortunate to find a Doctor in the south of Ontario whose passion is fibromyalgia research. It was confirmed that yes I had fibro with 16 out of 18 trigger points. No wonder I hurt everywhere! Although this doctor informed me that there was not a cure and he did not expect one, any time soon, it was comforting to hear his words on the research that is being done. I am trying to deal with many of the issues that go with fibro and get a life of quality that I have been missing for over 2 years. Knowing that what has consumed me for these years is JUST fibro is a relavation of just recent days. It has given me renewed hope in getting back to a life of the living and not just surviving. I open my heart and soul to all those who have wasted as much time as I have in reaching this "a Ha" moment in my life. With your encouragement I hope to keep going forward in my quest for happiness, peace and tranquility.

I look forward to hearing from those who have been dealing with fibro and because of geography have only now known that I (they) will be alright. My fight has begun. Amen.

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Hello from south of the border in Buffalo!:p
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fibro-mates, I like that Michelle ;)

What was the doctors' name if that's not too personal? I'm curious if they have any research papers online.

I sometimes think someone should take the time to build a list of "fibro-friendly" doctors so that individuals at the beginning of this journey have one less troublesome hurdle.
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Glad you like fibro-mates............The doctor that I found in Dr. Collins from Orillia, Ontario. Canada. Thanks for the idea of research papers online. I will look into this.

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Michelle, welcome to the forum. I am a bit south of you as well in Pa. Happy that you found us and hope you stick around and post more about your personal experiences with fibro. Each of us have different fibro problems at different times during the year, but all in all, we face the same unknown symptoms that jump in once or just hang around to keep us in suffering mode. So it is always nice to have another new poster on the forum to bring to light the new or old symptoms to talk about. Look forward to sharing ideas for management with you :)
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