fibro maybe myofascial pain syndrome

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I tested 10 out of 18 on that test, he says no treatment needed and I agree. He thinks instead of fibro maybe myofascial pain syndrome.

C-diff is the recurrent colon infection that I had. It when bad bacteria take over good ones. it is caught from the hospital or from taking antibiotics. I got that out of my system in april.

It is good news in a way about the als docter but I still feel bad.
my tiredness

YOu could have a virus if you dont have REAl weakness or atrophy. I believe and see atrophy but my nuero does not comment or seen to care since all the test came back clean and I can pass all the clincal exams.

I got into a nero yesterday (someopne canceled and I took thier spot...I got in 2 days from being ). He scheduled a EMG on a leg and arm (but strangly not neck or throat?). He also scheduled a MRI on my brain. He also is testing thyroid levels again.

I have been taking B complex and noticed my energy levels are 25% better (but not back to pre-sick levels). My twitching is not gone but is not as frequent. I still have some neck pain, especially on left side. My MRI of soft tissue in the neck came back normal which suprised me because I can feel and even see the inflamation or a tightness in the ligaments?

I have a few questions-

I have been waking up with extremely dry eyes? Its almost like my tear ducts are not working while I am a sleep. With the other symptoms, does this match up to anything.....Fibro, MS, ALS, PLS? Does anyone on this forum that has had a diagnosed have this issue? Please shed some light on this, is this significant in any way?

Thanks to all that have replied with helpful advice

CB in Ohio
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