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May 14, 2014
Hello everybody

Well I have been stressed out and had one heck of a month so far! After being sick for approx. 10 years off and on I finally got fed up and refused anything less than a diagnosis and I finally got it today! I have LUPUS! When I first saw this new rheumy she said, "well I think you have fibromyalgia but I am going to run more tests and find out for sure, so low and behold I get the call today from her office nurse stating, "You're tests came back and you have Lupus, so the doctor wants to start you on Plaquenil right away". Oh BTW I do also have chronic hepatitis C, I am an RN and haven't been able to work for several years and initially I thought all my symptoms were caused from that, but I have other friends with hep C who had none of the symptoms I do, so I knew it had to be something else!

Well FINALLY I have a diagnosis thank God for that BUT, in the mean time, I have seen a neurologist and I am having an MRI Wednesday to also rule out MS. You can have both or all three actually, and the way I feel, it wouldn't surprise me at all if I have MS too! As I type this my right thumb is so sore and swollen and hurts so bad, I just want to cut it off! My head is buzzing, I feel so dumb and can't think of words I want to say, I have a million things to do and no energy and suddenly my pain narcotic isn't working...ugh

I went over and got on the Lupus board but they aren't half as quick and good as you all are and I haven't been able to get my password confirmation so I hope you don't mind I posted this news here. I have only been on here a little bit for about a month or two but I know many of you are undiagnosed still and I wanted to encourage you to please NOT give up and please insist on a diagnosis, no matter what it takes! As I said, I'm not done yet. I want more info and since I am having so many cognitive issues, I want MS ruled out. If you guys have any questions about my symptoms or? I would be happy to answer them. In the meantime I will start taking the Plaquenil and see if it helps, although I read it takes many months to get in your system enough to help.
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