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Mar 5, 2016
I have been suffering with an intense pain in my upper right abdomen while also having gastritis for the past 3 years. I had been in and out of the hospital or medical clinics yet there is no apparent result from test that I had undergone with. My physician concluded that I might be suffering from fibromyalgia and was diagnosed in January 2016. I just recently switch from being vegetarian to strictly pure organic vegan in November 2015. That was a crucial time where fibromyalgia came to place after 6 months of traveling with no access for good and healthy food. But as time goes on after being a Vegan, I notice that my health gradually comes back to the way it used to be... being healthy and able. I feel better although I still occasionally have the main pain on my abdomen that mildly spreads trough my shoulder, back, knees and legs. The doctor prescribed Gabapentin which helps a bit but I only use it as needed since I find my diet helpful by experimenting with food since I get heart and chest pain from Gabapentin. Whenever I eat chocolate or drink soda, I notice that the pain is stronger and stays longer. but when I do not have any amounts for a week, the pain goes away and I can sleep better at night. I also try to do self motivation by light exercises, moving around, playing music or doing art to occupy me away from fibromyalgia :)
I think for some people diet or as you say change of diet can improve symptoms or at least make them bearable. I have changed to a low carb diet and found my muscles are not aching quite as bad. I stopped eating all bread and things made from regular flours. I stopped eating pasta and rice, sweets and juices, sugar and potatoes. My diet is not Atkins, but a bit closer to a diabetic diet, but not quite because I am not diabetic. I eat more meat like organic chicken and steak, hamburg or venison. I use olive oil and butter, and coconut oil to cook things. I eat lots of vegetables and some fruit and use stevia. I am allergic to peanut butter so I buy almond butter instead. the idea is to train your body to feed off of fat instead of sugar for energy. So the end results so far: I can walk better without being short of breath and my cholesterol level dropped from 265 to 199. My good HDL went from 40 to 62. My skin is not as dry and my eczema is clearing up and lastly I am losing weight. All in the three weeks of being on this new way of eating. It is important to remember to still use portion control. Recipes can be found by doing a web search. This is working for me but each of us is different. But I think that your learning how your body reacts to sugar and the hard part is giving it up and replacing it with something healthier for you. Good luck, let us know how things work out for you. :)
It is quite good that you are able to monitor your food intake to identify the triggers of your fibromyalgia. One of the best interventions one can make in his life is to carry out an audit of their lifestyle. Fibromyalgia patients are advised to keep a lifestyle journal to record their food intake with a view to identify triggers. In addition, eat magnesium rich foods like pumpkin seeds as well as magnesium supplements. Limiting your intake of caffeine also helps.
Anyone having pain in that area the OP described should get their liver checked, get a sonogram done. Sometimes it's just colitis or IBS, but pain in that area should never be ignored; the liver sits right there. Better safe than sorry! The liver is not supposed to hurt, but when it does you get it checked quick. I had the same issue in that area, got sonogram done just in case, it was just IBS... but if the pain spreads to the shoulder... be careful, it could be the liver or even your appendix. NEVER ignore pain in the abdominal area, SPECIALLY if the pain travels to your shoulders.
It follows that a diet journal is indispensable for a fibro patient. This keeps track of what not to eat and is a good tool to identify the allergens afflicting you. I have come to learn that the worst offenders are sugar, caffeine, dairy and fat. Veggies are a decent choice coupled with fruits and plenty of water. Not to mention that alcohol and cigarettes are a no win.
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