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Feb 8, 2013
I was diagnosed with Fibro in 1994. Since then, I had 2 remissions, which lasted a short time. The leg pain can be so unbearable during the winter months, that I can hardly walk around the house. Prior to getting neuropathy (nerve damage) in my legs and feet, I walked 3 short walks a day, which helped my legs feel better and it took away the neck and back pain. At the present time, my desire is to get out there walking again once the weather starts to warm up some. I know this will help the pain. In the meantime, I'm going to try to not do any heavy lifting and pace myself when running errands or doing laundry. I'm not able to hold a full-time job due to fibromyalgia. It took many years of accepting that. Within two years of working full-time, my body can't take it anymore. More pain, chronic fatigue, et cetera.

I'm glad that I found this fibromyalgia forum on Facebook. It's always nice to see how others are coping with this syndrome. One thing that I learned over the years, what may work for one person might not work for the other person. That's why I tried different things without having to spend a lot of money. I'm a firm believer in a healthy diet, vitamins, and exercise.
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Hi tnova, glad to see you here and hope you enjoy the forum. I think the periods of leg pain can be the most difficult, and your right what works for one person might not work for you. Some of the things I did to ease the leg pain was buying leggings, the tight fit can help give strength to weak muscles and help keep your legs warmer in the winter. Knee socks will help to warm your legs and prevent cramping in your feet and lower legs. I bought a feather bed pad to lay on top of my regular mattress and it is soft and comfortable, keeps me warm at night and gives me a better nights rest by sleeping all night long. Using cremes like aspercream on your knees help take some of the ache away. I used to get terrible cramps in my feet at night but solved that by wearing socks to bed. You mentioned one thing that is very important and that is do not combine too many chores or errands together, because wearing yourself out on a daily basis can make your muscle fatique much worse and take longer to recover. Also during the winter wear long-johns and gloves, and good boots, if you live in snow country. Look forward to reading your posts and getting to know you in the forum.
I have noticed this year I have had more knee pain now that it is cold then I have the other years, I guess it is getting worst, but I have found that walking helps me too, there are times I can't even bend my knee it is so painful. I also wear socks to bed to keep my feet warm, I have also had more muscle spasms lately too. But I have hope and won't give up.
I have a lot of leg pain, too. My muscles feel like they are tingling all over with pain. Ugh. I have a hard time getting out and walking i the winter, it's so cold, and the days are so short.
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