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Feb 6, 2013
I have had fibro since 1996 and it has been manageable until this past year, when I was caring for my love, dying with cancer. I have gone from moderate to severe pain in the past year, trying everything available on the market to get relief. I can no longer be active, am terribly depressed, and having memory lapses (fog?) Any suggestions? I have recently tried therapeutic taking an antidepressant, vitamins, supplements, and cannot seem to get better. If I have one good day, it is followed by a week of terrible days. I am presently visiting my family in California, thinking the change of weather from Michigan would be helpful. It does not seem to be helping. Thanks.

Hi Diana, I'm sorry to hear your Fibromyalgia condition is getting worse. Do you have any idea why it might have worsened in the past year? Or do you figure it's stress related? Has anything diet changed? Or geographical location, or?
Hi Diana, Welcome to the forum. I am sorry your feeling bad, is it possible you need a change of medication. Sometimes antidepressants need to be checked or changed. If you are on one and your depression is not improving it may be time to talk to your doctor. Visting your family may be the pickup you need, or you might want to consider a new hobby to help take your mind of the muscle pain and try to relax so your mental fog eases up some. When I get like that from worrying, I start working jigsaw puzzles or drag out my stamp collection. If you can do crochet or plastic canvas, or just going for short walks to clear your head. When I get overly worried my ability to think straight and cope with problems goes down hill. If I get upset or yelled at I totally lose it and can not function until several days later or until the problem is solved. So I am trying to say I understand that mental fog and it can throw you for a loop. This is a great website forum for getting the support you need from others that suffer the same as you. Feel free to ask questions and get involved, I am sure it will help to cheer you up and give you a chance to make new friends.
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