Fibromyalgia likely the result of autoimmune problems

I totally agree with you I suffered with ulcerative colitis for years until I had an operation to remove my colon. When I had a flare up with the colitis I used to get mouth ulcers. Now when I get a flare up with fibromyalgia I also get mouth ulcers. I told the doctor about my findings and he dismissed it.
It is unthinkable to me (I am angry) that in the 21st century we still do not have clear diagnostic biological markers for rheumatic diseases. With any disease, the biochemistry in the body changes, it can be recorded. The tests show whether there is an inflammatory process. Why does everything need to be complicated by symptoms?
There is systemic inflammation (blood), and local inflammation (subcutaneous fat layer, muscles, joints, nerve endings). These are all different types of tissue, different cells. They took a subcutaneous biopsy and in conclusion there is no inflammation, but it is deeper, for example in the joints or muscle tissue. There was an outbreak, while the person waited for the doctor, came for an appointment a week later, everything in the tests was no inflammation. So diagnostic measures are difficult.
Hi @BrendaNY! Wow, you got diagnosed with all of them the same time!? how do you manage with all those!?, I have only fibro and that's annoying enough, (well that and autoimmune thyroid but I'm not sure if it plays a hand in my fatigue and neuropathy pain) a few on the forum have suffered with sjogren's, anyway welcome to our forum 🥂🧁, (I hope you find it a nice place to chat about your symptoms or just anything! 😊)