Fibromyalgia pain and mental fogginess

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Feb 4, 2013
Just breezed in and looking forward to getting to know you. I have fibro and deal with the pain and mental fogginess that comes with this disease of many colors. I had to stop working at a job I truely loved and it took me a long time to personally deal with it, but I am still dealing with the disbelief of family and friends. You know that old saying "but you look fine to me," or "quit faking and get a job." It hurts me no matter who says it. Hopefully, through sharing it here will make it hurt less, as were are all in the same boat.
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Don't let people walk in your mind with their dirty feet! You know the truth. A lot of disabilities are unseen but nevertheless very real. You know your limitations and need to take care of yourself. I understand.
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Its hard when people say that, why would any one in the right mind give up a job they loved one that paid well to get little in benefits, so you can what 'skive of work' People need to wake up. I wish people could walk a week in my shoes then no one would say this at all.
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I so understand. I'm new here too, had to give up a job making good money, and then my husband of 33 years decided he didn't want me anymore. One of my daughters "doesn't believe in fibromyalgia" and it hurts a lot. Another of my daughters has just been diagnosed with it. But God is good and we have to pour positive affirmations into our lives and know how much Jesus loves us. He helps me through every minute of every day!
Maybe your one daughter will change her opinion now that her sister has also been diagnosed? I think it's awful some people think we're lazy, whining, complainers, or whatever it is they think :(
Thank you all for such heart-felt comments. My husband could not deal with it as well and so we parted company. Funny thing is I would have stuck by him no matter what if he had not treated me with such disrespect. I hear so many women, like me, speaking about having to give up their jobs because of this illness. We hear of people on a whim quiting their jobs or getting fired for not working, but giving up a good job is one of the hardest things I ever had to do. I had my own housecleaning business that I had built from the ground up. I cleaned for different people everyday of the week, with weekends off. Each person I cleaned for was like family and I was proud to clean their houses for them. Then out of the blue my strength left and I was unable to raise my arms for very long or bend and stoop. Some of the sweepers were to heavy for me to lift or push. One by one, I had to give up my jobs, until there were none left. Very depressing and so unfair.
I feel so lucky to still be able to work, and my daughters (and my husband, to a lesser extent) understand. Many days are not too bad, some are terrible. I was diagnosed last July, although my daughter had suspected that I might have fibro for a while. Now I struggle to know is the back pain just back pain, or is it the fibro? Are the frequent headaches all fibro, or are they something else? It is just hard to know. At least now I know why I get so tired. After reading many other people's stories, it seems like I have a much milder form of fibro than many of you. My heart goes out to you all.
I have the same problem people think there is nothing wrong with me but they have no idea, I deal with pain everyday and it is sometimes worst then other days but it is always there.
Hey there, thanks for posting here. Most days we do the best we can in getting through the pain. I am allergic to most everything they have in managing Fibromyalgia, so my only medication is using Excedrin Migraine for everything. I have to be carefully I do not use it everyday because it has aspirin in it and that makes me bleed. So most days I just grit my teeth and bear it. I hate it when my hands won't work right or when my vision gets blurry and my heartbeat races. I think fibro is the great imitater, as it copycats lots of very serious life threating illnesses, like thinking your having a heart attack or your kidneys are going bad. You will have strange symptoms that freak you out, then suddenly quit for no reason at all. And it gets bad when you run to the doctor or the emergency room, and they can not find anything wrong with you. Then they say in a very concerned way, go see a therapist your just depressed and let me tell you if you were not depressed before this happens, you will be depressed now. Been there done that many times. I even had a nurse come up to me and say stop coming here and wasting our time. I was so hurt and confused by her comment and embarrassed, I went to a different hospital the next time.
Not to tell you horror stories, but things like this happen and it takes courage and prayer to make it through these many difficult days.
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