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Your newest batch of symptoms sound more like fibromyalgia than anything else. ALS isn't going to cause pain in early stages. LOSS OF USE is what usually sends those with ALS to the doctor. They suddenly can't do something--for me, it was I couldn't push the buttons to open my car doors--that progressed rather rapidly to complete loss of the muscle between my thumb and forefinger--to atrophy and weakness spreading to my other arm. After more than a year--I have no diagnosis.

Why did the do the NCV? Did it show anything? Usually EMG and NCV are done together.

Your pain issues and sensory issues point AWAY from ALS--which is a good thing.

SSRIs can take up to 6 weeks to help with depression. It's the old egg or chicken deal--did the problems cause the depression or did the depression cause the symptoms.

Depression can cause us a lot of problems--and it's VeRY common in fibromyalgia. Atrophy is never normal--so if the doctors aren't seeing it--I have to assume that you're perhaps seeing something that isn't really there. They wouldn't tell you it was caused by allergies, certainly.

If you're finding you are unable to do things--let them treat the depression and see where you go from there. You can always get a second opinion as well.

If your clinical exam by the neuro was normal--that's a good sign it's not ALS--but it doesn't mean that something can't be wrong--as I said--your symptoms are pretty common in fibromyalgia.

Hope you get some answers--but really, your symptoms don't point to ALS.

Again, I'm not diagnosed--but the only things on me that twitched (fasciculations) are in the areas where the muscle is gone or nearly gone--not everywhere. In ALS--something about your exam would have been abnormal--hyper reflexes--loss of reflexes, weakness upon exam--something. Sounds like the exam was normal, which is a good sign.

As someone that has had fibro for 20+ years--it can make you pretty much feel like death warmed over.
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