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Hi everyone

I recently had a nasty viral illness and found myself stuck in bed with a very sore chest/back and a high fever. That seemed to pass within a day or two, but shortly afterwards I had the onset of some very strange other symptoms. First I found that I had trouble grapping things with my left hand. Then my face went partially numb, sort of like a cross between pins and needles and anethesia.

Within a day or two, the numbness in my face wore off and I found I was experiencing alot of muscle twitching, mainly in my left wrist, though I had some on the exact same spot on the opposite hand, as well as in my calf, my knee and down the back of my thigh, and in my lower back. Soon I started twitching less and was left mainly with sharp/burning sensations which would arrive multiple times a day in the same places. My left hand has not fully recovered. Sometimes its difficult for me to type. Some days are better than others. I find that I am extremely fatigued very easily also. I also have breathing difficulties towards mid afternoon where I struggle to breathe deeply. I find that if I try, I get pins and needles everywhere, sort of like Im hyperventilating. I've also found that I get extreme pins and needles in both my wrists as I try to sleep. For a day I found myself almost incontinent, but that disappeared on its own. I am really scared. The doctor thinks MS, but given the way my symptoms jump about and are not limited to one side of my body, I really don't think thats what it is. My symptoms also change with severity on a very regular frequency (every hour or two). I have hyperflexia and she picked up a slight anomaly in my eye (I'm not sure what it was, she shone a torch down the back of it). My vision hasn't been affected. I also have bilateral weakness. I am thinking this could be Fibromyalgia. Can the symptoms of Fibromyalgia be bad one day and not quite as bad the next?

My symptoms have evolved over the space of about 10 days. Prior to this, my son did sit on my left wrist in a bad way and made it a bit sore for a while. That was over a month ago, and I didn't notice any weakness or strange sensations up until 10 days ago. Am I being paranoid? I really need reassurance. I am a 33 year old mum with two young kids. Any feedback at this stage would be greatly appreciated.

Nothing you describe sounds like a serious disease. In my case, symptoms evolved over several months- not 10 days. Pins & needles are not part of my personal experience either.

Are you being paranoid, you ask- I'd say yes. Understandable under the circumstances, but your fears of disease or other dire outcome, following a few days of symptoms (in my humble opinion), are unwarranted at this juncture. Allow your doc continue his/her investigation.

Let us know how you are doing after further testing.
Thanks for your reply Ottawagirl!

I truly appreciate that you've taken the time to try to alleviate my fears while at the same time you must have so much going on in your own life.

Just a bit of an update on my situation.

I presented to ER yesterday after two days of a newly developed swallowing issue (which comes and goes, much like most of my other symptoms).

One other thing I noticed is that my mouth will at times appear like it is producing too much saliva (a separate issue to the swallowing) and at other times seem far too dry. Can you please tell me if you've experienced this?

Also yesterday, when I was walking to ER from the carpark, I felt like my left leg was going to stop moving. It was like I was walking underwater and the depth was increasing with every step I took. By the time I arrived, I was hobbling.

I should also explain that the reason my symptoms may have been so bad yesterday is because I had very little sleep the night before, had hardly eaten a thing and had taken a hot shower in the morning as a 'test' to see whether I had MS.

With the hot shower which I took that morning, my foot went to sleep and I developed a buzzing/prickly sensation all over my arms, legs and face within minutes of taking it. So right now I'm undecided as to whether it was the heat of the water causing it, or the sensation of the water beating down on my skin. I tried reproducing the phenomenon by emersing myself in warmish water in the bath (I can't tolerate being fully submerged in hot water), but the buzzing didn't seem to be triggered.

Can you please tell me whether Fibromyalgia sufferers experience anything similar to this (with the buzzing of the skin)? I know you mentioned that the pins/needles wasn't typical of Fibromyalgia, but is a buzzing sensation and a feeling of 'crawling under the skin' anything that you have experienced or you know anything about?

I find that the aches/pains and crawling sensations under my skin seem to come when I get overly cold (which might I add, I now seem incredibly susceptible to) and the buzzing all over seems to come when I exert myself or when Im exposed to heat.

I also found that my tongue is almost twitching. Not really noticeably at times, just quivering on the odd occasion. My ears have also started popping on occasions. This is all new and has developed within the last couple of days.

I went to ER to alleviate some of my anxieties and to hopefully talk to a doctor who could fast track the whole diagnostic process and give me some steroid injections (if infact it does turn out that I have MS, which honestly I am hoping it is - I know that probably sounds odd). Unfortunately when I brought up the topic of Fibromyalgia, the doctor said he had no idea what that was!

All they did in ER was hook me up to a heart monitor and tell me that I could return the next day and wait again to perhaps speak to a neurologist when one was available.

I also found that my symptoms lessened a little after I was back at home resting and had finally managed to eat something. It seems to me that stress/lack of sleep/lack of food makes the symptoms 3 x as bad. Can you tell me whether this happens in Fibromyalgia too?

I guess what I'm looking for is specifics as to why this cant possibly be Fibromyalgia and why it might be MS instead. I am really hoping/praying that it is MS. I know MS isn't a wonderful prognosis either, but its certainly the lesser of the two evils.

I do remember that in august I had a tingly sensation on my tongue which disappeared on its own. About a month later I had my first rainbow aura migraine.

Can you tell me whether Fibromyalgia symptoms can disappear for three months and then come back with avengeance? Have you ever heard of this before?

Sorry if it seems I am grilling you, its just this is eating me up so badly inside and I would give just about anything to get a definite diagnosis of post-viral or MS right now.

I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to me.

Take care

NOTHING you describe is anything like my own symptoms. Not one thing. Despite my symptoms, which went on for over a year, I never once thought of Fibromyalgia (I assumed it was arthritis, stroke or aging quirks) up until my initial neuro consult. However, I do also admit hoping for MS during my head MRI and I recall thinking at the time "how weird is that?".

Go back to your GP and keep looking for answers, but please try to keep your anxiety in check if you can. When I am stressed and anxious, my twitching increases. So, take a deep breath.
Thanks again for your prompt reply. I really appreciate it. You have put my mind at ease a little after a very bad nights sleep. The twitching was keeping me awake from about 11pm to 3am. I found that when I was able to calm myself, the twitching subsided a little. I just wish the swallowing problem in particular would go away. It has me scared out of my wits! The sensation in my hands is slowly coming back but I find that my fingers slow after about 10 minutes of typing.
I wish you all the best in your prognosis. Once again thank you for your help. Best wishes xx
Hi liz,just found your post....
Sounds like post viral syndrome,viruses can cause havoc in some people.
My son developed kidney problems after a virus which is actually common among young people.
I think its a wait and see situation,it may take some months for you to feel better.

Ottawa,i thought the same thing and was gutted when mri was know somethings up and you just want it to show itself....a common reaction.
I'd agree with olly, definitely sounds like a viral syndrome.
By the sound of it, I donot think this is FIBRO. Viral infections often leave very drastic marks in your health reocrd. For instance, when I was a kid, I was diagnosed with nephritis which followed from a viral fever.

In your case, I would suggest consulting a qualified general physician and see what he comes up with.
Seems as though it may be viral. I believe that Fibro is something that builds up over a period of time. For example, my mom has been dealing with the symptoms for over two years and has finally been diagnosed. I think that what you are dealing with is definitely something viral, and not related to fibromyalgia. I am, by no means, a physician though. I would recommend speaking with your doctor.
Yup, I agree with the above posters, sounds just like a virus.

I see this post is a few months old. But I wanted to comment in case Liz the OP comes back to check it..Anyway, I had almost the exact same symptoms happen to me post viral/infection a few months ago (I had a sinus infection, then perioribital cellulistis infection than a flu type virus all in a row) . I have improved some but am still having some issues and am waiting for my neuro appt. I have hd many tests and they sent me to a rheumatologist as well. My tests for MS, RA etc all came back negative. I am severely Vit D deficient my level was 14 (you may wnat to get your Vit D levels checked). Fibro is still a possibility based on my symptoms according to my GP. Anyway, depending on my neuro visit and emg test I guess I could be diagnosed with post viral syndrome. OP, my guess is that may be your diagnosis as well. Hopefully by now you are feeling better!
Well, I hate to say this but I am going in a totally different direction. The symptoms you describe do sound more like MS. MS can come and go, just like fibromyalgia. Only MS, is more complicated. I would suggest that you have your family doctor refer you to a neurologist. The tests they do can help determine if it is MS. Just because it started after a viral infection does not mean that it is nothing to be concerned about. MS can lie dormat in your system for a longtime and then start for no special reason. The breathing problems and troubles with your legs, and the pins and needles, and bladder problem, all happening over a 10 day period sounds like something to be checked out.

The tests are not painful. Usually an MRI of your brain and spine, and a spinal tap. Often they also do blood work. MS is nothing to wish for, but if you do have it, knowing sooner than later is much better. Some folks have come and go flares, similar to fibro, and others have longer lasting symptoms. If the tests are negative then consider fibro, but do not self-diagnosis. Get checked out. Like you said your doctor thinks it might be MS. So why wait, get tested.

I am not telling you this to scare you. It could be nothing, but what if it isn't. You have to think of your family, your children, and your ability to care for them. We are here if you need us, and let us know how things go. :)
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