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Jun 2, 2013
Hello I am new finally made it here after 5 years of no answers its been a long journey. I suffered with vulvodynia which has radiated into bladder issues for about 5 years now. 2 years ago I started getting RSI/tendinitis in my wrists, then stomach issues began mostly just pain for no apparent reasons. Then 6 months ago the joint pain began to spread to my knees then to all my joints, my stomach pain became unbearable.

I have had issues sleeping, to the point where my partner and I now have separate rooms otherwise he wakes me by breathing :p Lucky such a drastic measure has been really successful. As well as on and off depression. I have moved to gluten and dairy free diet, no alcohol anymore (big step moving from a big weekend party binge drinker to completely sober!), also starting to follow a low FODMAP diet, definitely helped have a lot more good days than bad now.

When the symptoms started to get worse, I was also diagnosed with T1 Diabetes, bit of a shock needless to say. Not really sure how/if its related or just bad luck but my rheumatologist can't guarantee I dont have Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis yet, its still quite obvious that even if I do, I still show strong symptoms of Fibro. I have a lot of symptoms that I can't really connect with the Fibro, fungal infections, mouth ulcers, chronic dry mouth (they can be related to diabetes but I have very good control over it) as well as heat intolerance, hair loss, postural hypertension. So still somewhat in undiagnoised limbo unfortunately.
Welcome to the forum. I have the inflamation inside my bladder, no infection, that makes sitting for any length of time very uncomfortable. I have found that avoiding certain foods can help control this condition to a point. Mostly by avoiding cheese and chocolate candy, tomato sauce and orange or grapefruit jiuce, and other high acid foods it helps with slowing down the inflamation.
A lot of your other symptoms can be caused by medications or as you say the diabetes. Lots of folks as we get older get other health issues do to age related problems, like water weight gain and swelling in legs and feet, and being dizzy for no reason.

Glad you found the forum. I think if you read through the different topics you might learn some helpful hints on dealing with your problems from other members. :)
I am on a fairly strict diet so I don't really eat any of those things, no dairy, gluten, fructose, most fruits, heavy carbs, no overly acidic foods... which really helps with everything overall. To be honest the bladder issues have been fairly settled as long as I keep on top of my water intake its fine.

I don't take any other medication, mostly for that reason as I have so many other symptoms I prefer not to rock the boat and just manage through diet and things like heat packs, exercise, hot showers etc. The only real way diabetes could cause the dry mouth/thirst is through ketones which are usually caused by high blood sugars/infection which I have neither :( I have been really really pedantic on controlling it so I can get the doctors to look into it further because some days I honestly feel like I might die of thirst, but so far no one is really interested. Having to drink 4 liters of water a day probably isn't really normal.
Wow, these symptoms are so much like my friends. I convinced her to try my Plexus products for the pain and she was amazed at how it helped her. Her diabetes is much better but even more than that her pain with the fibromyalgia is better. I just feel for all of you, the pain and the daily way of living for you is difficult. I wish I understood what caused it so I could help more.
I am glad you have found your way here and can at least receive some input on Fibro. That being said, I am sorry that you still have various symptoms that do not fit into any other diagnosis. I am sure that is extremely frustrating. I am sure you have been seen by a lot of different doctors/specialists.
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