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Feb 4, 2013
I recently joined this site and have been looking around at the different posts. I am in such a financial strain at the moment. I have not been able to work in nearly 2 years, have gone through all my savings and have had to resort to asking family members for help. I know the stress of all of this is not helpful to my condition. Recently my employer terminated my health insurance because I had been in a LWOP status for so long. I have applied for social security disability but am still awaiting that. Filed my second appeal after being denied twice.
Because of no health insurance I cannot pay for my meds which include cymbalta and lyrica. My doctor is aware of my dilemma and told me it would be okay to cut my meds in half to make what I have last longer. Since doing that I have been feeling much worse, I have gone from 120 mg of cymbalta a day to 60mg. I have gone from 200 mg of lyrica a day to 100 mg.
I did finally realize I could go to a low income medical clinic nearby and will have to do that soon to get my meds. But the doctors there are just general practice so hopefully it will turn out well.
I applied for medicade and sent in all the required documents only to be told they needed updated bank account information which I sent right away and then they tell me they didn't get it in time and I would have to start the whole process all over again. I am terribly frustrated, I don't know what else to do.
Since cutting my meds in half I have been sleeping alot more and seem to be able to drift off all the time. Thinking it must be because of cutting the meds in half but don't know and so that is a major concern right now.

Anyone else having financial problems here besides me?
Yes, in answer to your question, money to pay bills is a major concern for me. I am on SSD, but my monthly check barely covers my rent and other expenses, so I found work on-line. Do you think you could do blogging? There are many sites on-line looking for writers. For the most part it is writing about things you know, like dealing with health issues or pets, even food blogs need new writers. I don't know the kind of work you did, but there are many jobs on-line for office work, as well as, data entry. I would suggest you keep your dictionary handy and get a thesaurus to help in writing as most places want spelling to be correct. Here is a link to a job site that has lots of different choices for part-time on-line work. ( I also do surveys. If you have a good computer and can work at home it will bring in some pocket change to help buy some of the things you need. You mentioned about your medications. Many drug companies will supply medications to people who can not afford them. Find the company on-line and email or call them, and ask about the forms and requirements. For that matter your doctor should be aware of this program. Before I got my SSD, I went to the local free clinics and found them to be very helpful. Sometimes they can refer you to other doctors for a very small fee. I hope some of my ideas and sharing has helped you. I will keep reading your posts and wish you the best of luck.

Thank you for the advice. I have been looking for a work at home job for a very long time now. Have researched a few and they just seemed like scams to me. Most want money which I know is a no-no. I use my computer quite a bit and have good computer and vocabulary skills. I will check out the site you have recommended.

I have found a company that I can get my medications from and have been approved by them. I should have my medications in 2-3 weeks and once I get them I can go back to the dosage I am suppose to be taking. I did get a free month's supply of cymbalta from the drug company's website.

Thanks again for this information, you have been very helpful :)
I did blogging for pay online for a few years. It was kinda fun and helped supplement our income when my husband was going to school.
Your very welcome and I am glad my information was helpful. I do blogging and other writing. Some sites pay you out right and other sites your stories get voted up to top post by another members. So it works well that way unless people cheat by having friends vote just on their stories and the votes get so high other writers can not get to the top post position to get paid. Here are a few blogs I have written on,, and, and The top pay if you get voted up is from $10-$20. You must write from your own experiences so that your not using something someone else wrote. The site I already referred you too has many different types of writing jobs. Good luck in your search. I would also say in the begining try not too over sign up for jobs, or they say, bite off more than you can chew, or you will be totally stressed out and wish you had never applied at all.
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